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Updated Lists and Moved Some More Stuff

It's been a while since I've done any updating on this site, so I've added a few MSVs we planned to get around to, along with the Engineering GM and a new pic for the Zanny. We've also moved most of the Character and Combat sections to the Nexus, since those sections are general rules for the RPG.

What's New?

Added MSVs to the Fed and Zeon lists.

MSV: Engineering GM

Moved most of the Character and Combat Sections to the Nexus

To Do List

Organize the Campaigns Section into a workable page, and maybe put one up for a change.

Get more Units done.


More Files Moved

Now that the AC Site is finally up, I was able to move the AC suits we were previewing on this site. Not much of an update really.

What's New?

Moved the AC units over to the AC Site.

To Do List

Move to Nexus: Combat Section

Sort through the Characters Section and figure out what stays and what gets moved to the Nexus.

Organize the Campaigns Section into a workable page, and maybe put one up for a change.


Fresh Upload

That really sucked! I had to upload the entire UC site from scratch to get things working right again. Just bear with me, the site may have some holes in it for a little while but I hope to have everything fixed soon. I'll also be moving more of the generic sections over to the Nexus, but don't worry, all of the links should work with a little tweaking.

What's New?

Re-Uploaded of all files onto the server.

To Do List

Move to Nexus: Combat Section

Organize the Campaigns Section into a workable page.


Gundam RPG Nexus - Your Gateway to Gundam RPG!

We're expanding our operation! We've set up a Hub Site for all of our up coming Gundam RPGs. You can find most of the generic sections there, along with general Gundam RPG News, GuestBook, and other Staff Info. I've also done a clean re-upload, so everything should be working alright. That should also give us some more space to work with.

What's New?

Moved the Picture Gallery, Production Staff, FAQ, and Links Sections to the Nexus. Click on the Site Hub button to get to there.

News Archive. Missed something in the last few News posts? Catch up here.

To Do List

Still some more sections to move, so expect this site to get a little smaller since only Universal Century data will be posted on this site. Also, I'll be re-uploading all files for this site onto the server, so as to remove any unused files. This should streamline the site a little more, reducing its size, and ensure that all of the links and images are showing up.

Once the Gundam Wing Site is up and running, we'll move the AC Units to that site. In the mean time, they can still be viewed here.

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