Universal Century
MSG-0079 The Forgotten Fleet
MSG-0084 Last Sons of Delaz
MSG-0087 Warrior in the Shadows
MSG-0081 The Road to Axis
MSG: In Vain Doth Valor Bleed
MSG: Road to Alexandria -Coming Soon?-
MSZG: What Cost for Freedom -Coming soon?-

After Colony
Preventers Branch 7
Endless Waltz Rewrite
Gundam Wing: Legacy -Coming soon?-

After War

Gundam X: Memories

Alternate Universes

Turn a Gundam: Awake and Dreaming
Mobile Suit Pilot: Sam Carpenter

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03/09/03 - > Wow, finally I got around to updating this place. Well I added chapters 24,25,26,27 and 28 to Warrior in the Shadows... about time eh?

06/15/02 -> I added 'Road to Axis' and 'In Vain Doth Valor Bleed', hopefully I'll have 'Road to Alexandria' and 'What cost for freedom?' by Redcomet up soon, just waiting on his answer :)

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