October 22, 2002


After a couple of weeks of feeling my away around in the dark, Kain decided to show up with a frickin' searchlight and help me out of the dark (about damn time).   All images are up again and while we were down I decided to treat our patrons to a few new versions of old crappy suits such as OZL's Avalanche and Big Blue & USF's Frost

 When we first started out, we had a suit called Road Rage that turned into a car (cool concept huh?)...since switching to non-hand drawn images, I haven't been able to make it...but that time is no more and we'd like to introduce you to Gundam Road Rage.   Episode 5 & 6 will be up on Monday and Friday.  Late.


-- Well its Monday and as promised I've posted a new episode.  It's Episode 5 "Met Half-Way".  We're working on a new part of Gundam Conquest.  Optional background music, we'll tell you the song you down load it and read along with the music.  From prelim trials it turned out well. Episode 6 is coming on Friday hopefully by 5:00 pm.  Check back on Wednesday for possible song down load. Late.


-Web Master Cortez









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