My Gundam Customs 

Crusher Joe.
Dragonar M.A.
   When was the last time I updated this page?  Anyway, the latest addition, Gelgoog MS-14S 1/60 scale Gato's customs.

   A note for all people that buy my extra models previously.
 Thank you very much for your support. As you can see, I have deleted the "for sale" page due to a few incompetent buyer promise to pay but never did. Let just said, I had enough of the BSs so I gonna stop for a while.

 My latest addition, Dragonar-3 custom, Dragonar-1 and Deins from the Dragonar M.A.

M.S. Gundam.
Gundam MS 0079

MA Byguro 1/550

Gundam RX-78 1/100
. .
Gundam MSV 0079

Zaku-II 1/144


Zaku mine Layer 1/144
Char's customs.

Gelgoog M-14S 1/60
Gato's customs.
Gundam MS 0079 08th. MS Team

Gouf Flight type 1/144
Green customs.

Gouf Flight type 1/144
Blue customs.
Gundam MS 0080. War in the pocket. 

Zugok-E 1/144
0079 customs.
 Hygoog 1/144
0080 prototype
Gundam MS 0083
Zeta Gundam MS 0087

Galbaldy-Beta 1/100
ZZ Gundam MS 0088
Zaku III Cust. 1/144
. . .
V-Gundam MS 0093
F-90 Gundam MS 0120
F-91 Gundam MS 0123
V-Gundam MS 0153
W Gundam E.W. 

Nataku 1/144 

TallGeese III 1/100
Crusher Joe.

Gadfly 1/16

Skateboy 1/20
S.D.F. Macross.

VF-1D Valkyrie 1/100

VF-1J Valkyrie 1/100

VF-1S Super Valk. 1/100
* I made this page out of my spare time. I'll try to update it when ever I can. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, I'm not trying to compete with anyone; this is just pure fun :) 

   * Special thanks to Sci-Fi. Anime store and Animenewsnetwork for donating some cool models .
 And thanks to IAN n a few other people for lending a hand on the page. 
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   * Your contributions are welcome, just email me for approval. Remember, customized Gundam kits and Anime related only.