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Current News Posters: DeathsShadow(owner) and DarkBlade(co-owner)

GWHQ team
YO, wellif you wanna see this site all together e-mail death he said if he gets enough e-mails he'll get off his lazy ass and link tha pages until then herrass the crap outta him
My friends sucks...
Posted by DeathsShadow
well id like to apoligise one of the many owners(yes there were more then two, but the rest dont post any news...normally) decided to be an asshole and give out one of y other email addresses, because of his lack of information he decided to try to give this site away or piss me off, this site is actually finished but not on this geocities account but he didnt know that so hes no longer a part of the px3/dark-death team

oh ya strangly i recieved over 600 different eMails with shouldnt be posible...
I'm too lazy with these things...
Posted by DeathsShadow
Well i've been VERY lazy mainly because i have no time but i have just decided to end any speculation of this site ever being finished by me i will however give this site and all of its content to anyone who proves to be skilled with html (translation: free site to anyone that knows html) so um, just eMail me with the reason(s) you should own this site and please include a little sample of what you can do and if you qualify this site is yours!
Damn i'm sleepy!
Posted Wensday, July 23, 2000 at 1:33 AM by DeathsShadow
Well the most depressing part is that i was completely done with all pages!! but then there was only 14 pages now there are about 80 pages with about 45 more comming(ahhhh why me!!!)

so joining was pushed back to next week by then it will be done but i gotta actually work this week ~_~ oh well i guess ill shoot my self when its finished

on a less depressing side of the news its that time again quote time:
If you give a crazy postal worker a fish he eats for a day if you give him a gun the prisons will feed him for the rest of his life
Mission.......complete *beep*....[boom]
Posted Wensday, July 19, 2000 at 8:24 PM by DeathsShadow
Well it took long enough but i have completed all of the pages [fanfare plays] anyway darkblade me and maybe darkangel will begin screening applicants oh and ive added a few banners at the bottom of each page........CLICK on them

Currently everything on this site is free!!! (horay!!) but to keep it that way i need you all to click on the banners everyday if possible

also when the banners have been clicked 1000 times every current member will recieve a gundam

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Week of 7-22-00
..................................................The GWHQ RPG has just opened last week and will be done soon!!!

Now the new GWHQ has more for the web-master site of the month and now we are offering spaces for affiliates

but GWHQ has scrapped the info project we already have 95 pages so we thought it would be a little too much

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