Chat Comands

/me (an action word decribes a feeling example: "*Wing sits on his couch and yawns." it describs what your doing in the chat)

/join #(name of chat) (joints you to a chat.)

/part #(name of chat) (that parts you from the chat your on.)

/whois (persons nick) (type in the persons nick you want to know who it is)

/notice (nick) (when you type this out it will notice the person you want to notice and you can chat this way.)
/clear (clears away old text or what was going on before.)

/nick (changes your nick to what you want)

/nickserv register (password) (E-mail) (this is to register your nick so that no one can steal it and just remeber your password cause you have to put it in each time you log in)

/msg nickserv identify (password) (thats how you put in your password)

/chanserv set kill on (protects someone from stealing your nick this way when they try to take it when they get it they will have a min to change it or chanserv changes it for them)
Chat Rules
Messge Board
Scrap Book