// // // // I regret to inform you that the Project: AG, formerly known as GWM, has been taken down due to my internet access being severely limited, and while I can still work on the program itself, the server may not be back online for some time. If you need to contact me, my email is still open at black4_of_bs@hotmail.com, but do not expect an immediate answer because my internet access is rare at best recently. Once my access becomes more regular I will bring the server back online, but I felt it was unfair to you, the players, to leave the server online and the message boards up while no one was there to answer questions and no visible work would get done for a long time. By taking the server down I can preserve some of the resources that would have been wasted during the time and instead spend them on more important things like line upgrades and server hardware later on down the line. I believe this is for the best, and don't worry, everything is still safe and sound. Thank you all for your belief in the project, and know that we will return. The question I leave you to ponder is the one you've always had.
What will you do with the fate of the world?

"Scuba" Steven