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Well since i have no time to update with school and all i will be closing down until summer and well be making huge changes!!!(but feel free to surf the info i already have til then.)
11/13/01-Again sorry for not updating for so long but i have
been really busy but anyway I deleted the fanart and fanfic
because no one was sending me any thingI will be making some big updates thanksgiving weekend like add a lot more pics,some movies,and a lot more info.Later

8/20/01-Sorry for not updating for a while but school start and i had no time, but anyways I have added a Fanart and Fanfic section to the site. I dont have any pics or storys yet so email me your storys and i will put them up. And don't forget to vote for me and sign my guestbook & message board. C-ya

7/23/01-I have completed the basic layout of my site. I will add more stuff little by little over the weeks to make this site even better so remember to keep coming back for updates.

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