Gund Kwok Lion Dance Troupe

The Country's Only All Asian Women's Lion Dance Troupe

The Gund Kwok Lion Dance Troupe is a lion dance performance group consisting of Asian women. This group of Asian women are proof that women are equally adept at the arts that were traditionally performed only by men.

Based in Chinatown in Boston, Massachusetts, the group regularly meets and practices, constantly striving to be the best that they can be. The group members are all volunteers who sacrifice their time and energy to not only learn and demonstrate the traditional lion dance, but also to contribute their efforts to aid charitable causes.

They constantly train and are always ready to demonstrate their lion dance. The troupe has performed for a number of communities for various events. The troupe has been well received by all its audiences in locations ranging from Winchester, Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Chinatown and Downtown Boston.

Gund Kwok is made up of volunteers of Asian women and is open to recruiting new members. If you are interested in a trial membership or just interested in a performance by the troupe, please send your inquiries via email to:

Calendar of Events

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