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Hi all... family, friends, acquaintances and visitors. You are most welcome at this experimental site of ME... I hope you enjoy ME as much as I do...

I am a proud South African, in the most beautiful region in the World...Kwazulu Natal.

This World is currently in an activated mode of self-destruct, despite this, there are very many reasons why life is still very much worth living...and you are one of those reasons for's because of sincere caring relationships, wonderful people and the miracles of nature's creation that we cannot but keep smiling and looking forward to brand new days..

Thank you for knowing and caring about me...I appreciate you and dedicate my brand new pages to you...
A Man of Vision and Hope
Age :   33 Years
Birthday :   22nd March
Place of Birth :   Durban, South Africa
Also known as :   HaPpYsHaRk
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