Gungrave Forever!

This is a Gungrave fansite. Not really much to it right now...just practicing my HTML coding. There's links to official sites below.

So, what's Gungrave? Well, there's a video game about this guy, named Grave, who was killed by his best friend, Harry, and now he's been brought back to life to kill Harry. And then there's an anime based on the video game, which explains more about the whole best friends killing each other deal.

Basically, Brandon (Grave's name when he was "alive") and Harry were friends for a long time, went into a crime syndicate together, and kicked ass in their respective fields. They kicked enough ass, that they got into the top ranks. Butt, Harry wasn't happy, and wanted to overthrow the boss of the organization. Brandon wouldn't let him do it, so Harry killed Brandon. So, Harry killed the boss, still wasn't happy...wanted to kill the Boss' family. This was pretty much his wife (who was also Brandon's ex-lover), Maria, and their daughter, Mika. Then he started ruining the city. Well, Mika escaped and managed to find the guy who was taking care of Grave, and they woke Grave up. He walked the streets, killing stuff with his two guns, tracking down Harry, and killing Harry. Except Harry also turned Brandon's former comrades into some kind of mutants, "Superiors" they're called, and Grave had to fight and kill them to get to Harry. After he killed Harry, Grave left to someplace far away.

Then there was a sequel video game, Gungrave Overdose. Some new crime boss is causing problems in the city now, and Mika decides Grave can help stop him. So, he goes to where Grave sleeps, wakes him up, and he kicks even more ass. 'Cause Grave just kicks ass like that. And on the way, he meets two other dead guys: Rocketbilly Redcaddilac, a former soft-rock singer whose weapon is a guitar, and Juji Kabane, some kind of Zen Mystic who can't see but still beats ass with his gun-sword thingies (which aren't as cool as Squall's Gunblade). The three of 'em stomp on this mobster's stuff, beat his crap, kill his dudes, and just own him hard. 'Cause they're bad-ass like that.

I'm making character bios at the moment. Grave's character bio is mostly-complete (and probably won't be complete until disc 7 of the TV series comes out in a couple months), so check it out.

So, yeah, take a look at these sites.

The Official Site(Japanese)
Geneon's Gungrave DVD Site(Flash) 1