This is my dogs N Ch Paco Danganer
and Vicita`s Wish Me Luck,
they are basenjis.

Me and Paco

Paco┤s Page

Lucky┤s Page

Briefly About the Breed

The Basenji, known as the "Barkless Dog", is one of the oldest breeds known to man, and has existed since 3600BC. Dogs of the basenji`s size and shape appear on ancient Egyptian engravings, such as in The Great Pyramid of Khufu. The Basenji was used for driving game into nets and hunting wounded quarry. Because of his silence, he wore a bell so the hunter should know where he was.

Height: Males measure 43 cm, females measure 41 cm. Weight: Males weigh about 11 kg, females weigh about 10 kg.
The coat is smooth, short and silky.
This is an extremely clean breed, and grooming requirements are minimal.

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