Gunners Misc Machine Tool Page..the Annex 

"Chips", like much of the stuff on this webpage, had been thrown away, so I loaded him up and took him home.

8" Logan  Shaper

Darex M5 Drill Sharpener I was given (broken, and I repaired/rebuilt ) THANKS JEFF!!

Ellis Dividing head I rebuilt (sitting on cast iron surface plate) and the cart I welded together to hold my suface plates and metrology equipment. A 12" Chinese height gage is being used to find center of the dividing head, so a riser could be made for the tailstock (not shown). Bottom left is a 10" H/V Rotary Dividing table...not just rotary, but has a dividing crank and the 4 plates. Above it , faintly seen, is a Yuasa spin indexer and a hinese clone of it.

Welding table and Hay Budden anvil.
I built the rotating welding table using scrap pipe and surplus walkway grid. The yellow tripods were retrieved from a dumpster behnd a place that wholesaled those cheap halogen lights. I built a socket on each one, and mounted a pair of rollers, for welding pipe.
The anvil was found in a scrap yard, buried under a mound of old pipe. Its 34" from heel to tip of the horn. (thats a 4' ruler)It was a mess, beat to crap. Im slowly refinishing the horn now, after bebuilding the top. This takes two full grown men to move.

Misc Shop pictures:
Up Date!!
Most of the pictures above are about 2 years old..the shop has been changed

Clausing 8540 Horizontal Mill
Covel OD grinder with work head to the Left

Gorton 3-Z Pantograph
to the right
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