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My Former Jobs
  1. Kitchen Helper
  2. Gift Store Clerk
  3. Junior Forest Ranger
  4. Surveyor Helper
  5. Babysitter
  6. Waitress x 7
  7. Bagel Shop Girl x 2
  8. Coffee Shop Girl x3
  9. Animal Control Officer
  10. Groom/Stable Worker
  11. Personal Assistant
  12. Wildlife Control Worker
  13. Safari Tour Guide
  14. Meat Packer
  15. Application Clerk
  16. Bookstore Manager
  17. Inventory Manager
  18. Tourist Info Worker
  19. Restaurant Assistant Manager
  20. Sub Sandwich Maker
  21. Toy Store Cashier
  22. Short Order Cook x 2
  23. Charity Donation Collector
  24. Chemical Lab Worker
  25. Video Store Asst. Manager
  26. Rubber Parts Maker
  27. Snack Food Packager
  28. Clothing Store Worker

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50 Secrets to a Blissful Relationship
Have you ever been FIRED from your job?
I have. FOUR times.

Have you ever QUIT your job?
Me too. THIRTY-THREE times.

I’ve had thirty-eight jobs in sixteen years of employment. (Check out the list on the left hand side!) Some lasted only a day (sub sandwich maker), others as long as two years (bookstore manager), but not a single one of them was the right job for me. Not a single one of them kept me interested, challenged, relaxed and HAPPY.

Until now.

Now I work for myself. I’m my own boss. And the only person who can complain about my work or my attitude or my tardiness is me! And I’ll tell you right now, I don’t do all that much complaining!

Why not?

Because I like my job! I wake up in the morning excited to go to “work”. Sometimes I even “work” on weekends and holidays, just because I’m so interested in what I’m doing. I even talk to my friends and family about my “work” and it doesn’t make their eyes glaze over with boredom.

Can you say that about your job?

For many years, I believed what everyone else believed…everyone hates their job. I was so depressed! Forced to go to work everyday and obey someone else’s orders, forced to swallow my opinions in order to conform to my employer’s rules, forced to wear a uniform, forced to take a half hour lunch at a prescribed time, forced to work with people I just didn’t like. And for what? To gain a paycheque at the end of the month that was hardly enough to cover my bills.

I was so frustrated!

I knew that I had to find a better way. If I kept going on like that, I would lose myself. I would lose everything that made me so original, so fun, so alive. I would become a corporate robot, grey and dead inside, waiting desperately for 5 o’clock on Fridays.
(Even writing about this now gives me the shivers.)

So I broke free.

I have to say, it didn’t happen right away. I had to endure many more hours of working for other people before I could stand up and shout “I’m outta here!” But while I worked, I could smile to myself, because I had a plan.
Not a big plan, not a crazy plan, not even an original plan. But it was MY plan and I was determined to make it work.

I was going to earn my living by WORKING AT HOME.

And I have succeeded!
Thirty-eight jobs later, I have found my calling.

I am a Work at Home Star!

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