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This page will contain info about every single FINAL FANTASY game.but for now i will explain why is it called final.

?Back in 1986 a small Japanese gaming company named
SQUARE was struggling to make a crust.Up until this time,their games had only being doing so so on the nes and they need it a blockbuster hit to push the company ahead.
need it an idea and fast!!!
   RPGs were popular at the time and SAKAGUCHI felt he could improve upon a game called Dragon Quest( by
ENIX ) which was a huge success at the time.In a last attempt to salvage his dying company, he set himself to do just that.
?By the end of 1987, everything at square had been bet on this one game.Their hopes, dreams and very existence rode with it.The project and subsequent game title "FINAL FANTASY" reflected their all or nothing cause.
   So far over 27 million copies of the series have been sold worldwide.?Final Fantasy is totally gunn and has to be classed as a phenomenon in its own right.

Special thanks to Australian Station for providing me with this information.
To Square soft for creating such a wonderful game.
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