Final Fantasy roms
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Final Fantasy X prelude
Nes emulator
Once you downloaded this emulator (Snes9xw) i recomend that you change the setting to a resolution of 640x400 this will make the game run smooth.
Final FantasyI  rom
Japan release 18/dec/1987                
The Earth is dying but not all is lost.A prophecy of 4 light warriors, each with an orb will come to save the world from the 4 fiends of 2000 years past
first game to have the enemy in one side and heroes in the other
Jobs abilities are fighter, thief,black belt, and white, black and red mages
Japan release 17/dec/1988
Four heroes, Frionel, Guy, Maria and Lionheart must battle the evil empire that seems to be threatening to destroy the world....but are they the true evil??
FFII is more plot orientated style. Level up ability is added to characters
Final Fantasy II rom
Final Fantasy III rom
Japan release 27/apr/1990
An evil cloud has disrupted the balance of light and dark.Four youths have been chosen to restore the harmony of the opposing forces
Vastly improved graphics.The 8 bit sound chip in the nes is sent smoking with unbelivable compositions from Master composer Nobuo Uematsu.
Character are not limited to a set job but can be changed using the "job system"
Snes emulator
Final fantasy IV
Japan release  14/jul/1991
Cecil, a dark Knight of the empire's elite Redwings becomes tired of looting and pillaging crystals from innocents villagers.He tells the King of Baron and is banished for his troubles
First FF on the snes.
Introduction of the "Active Time battle System"
Final Fantasy V
Japan release 06/dec/1992
The earth is not well, it is being eaten by decayfrom bellow and bombarded by meteors from the sky. The earth's elemental crystals have shattered and four adventurers must uncover the reason.
Refined job system with 22 possible job classes for each character.
job classes include: knights, wizards, dragoons, thieves and even animal trainers
Final Fantasy VI
Japan release  12/apr/1994
The emperor is reviving magic forces not seen on earth for a 1000 years.A band of rebels must stop this to save the earth from chaos.
FFVI doesnt have a single lead character
Espers (summoned guardian forces) are more developed.
It looks at japanese social issues such as suicide and teenage pregnancy prompting a censored " safe " version for other countries.