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Last updated: 5 December 2008

Oh man, it's National Jandal Day again! That means it's been over a year since I updated this site. Maybe I should do some drawing or something...

finally, some recognition!

30 November 2007

So apparently next Friday is National Jandal Day. Surf life saving isn't really a cause I feel more strongly about than any other, but damn if they haven't aimed for a weak point of mine with this appeal.

I'd put up a photo of my Halloween costume, but you know how it is - all my photos are of other people. I'll see if I can swipe some photos someone else took.

Oh yeah, I guess I put up a new wallpaper.

Old Neus

28 May 2007

Nothing new in the way of content, but I updated the links to the right a little. Also, fixed the Halloween costume links down below, seeing as I was so proud of my get-up.

5 November 2006

New Missing Link, complete with the wrong font!

2 November 2006

So, October's over and I didn't watch Ghostbusters once. I was going to say I'm sick of fun-size chocolate bars, but it just isn't true. I did however wear not one but two badass costumes, so I think I did alright.

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arse. kind of sums it all up really