Yautja Encyclopedia: History

1967 (Predator movie)

J.S. Davis went to boot camp with Dutch.

February 1968 (Predator: Bloody Sands of Time)

The Yautja were hunting amidst the Viet Nam War.
[-] [Mac] [Blain]

1973 (Predator movie)

Blain Cooper and Mac Elliot both served in the 101st airborne division in Nam.
[-] [Billy]

1974 (Predator movie):

Billy Sole begins his combat duty.

1977 (Predator movie):

Balancan, Canta Mana. A thatch hut fishing village becomes a front for the US Army.

1979 (Predator movie)

J.S. Davis is on a secret mission to Malaysia.

1984 (Predator: Captive)


Nicaragua. Falkner was running a contra training camp when a Yautja fragged his entire command.
[-] [Dancer] [Subotai]

c. 1984 (Predator: Xenogenesis)

At Jakarta, Dancer had been impaled to a stone wall by a Yautja, but Subotai saved him.

June, 1987 (Predator movie)

Balancan, Canta Mana. June. Last time it rains until late September.
[-] [Dutch]

September, 1987 (Predator movie)

Sudanese Embassy. Dutch's team blew the entry points on three floors and neutralized seven terrorists iin 10 seconds flat. The terrorists didn't even have time to call in their demands. The event didn't even make the news at all.

Balancan, Canta Mana. 3 weeks later. One of General Phillip's choppers went down. It was transporting three cabinet members of Conta Mana near the mouth of Usamacinta. The pilot radioed from the ground all hands were still alive. Their position is fixed by the transponder beacon aboard.

A Yautja ship lands in a lake bed at the base of a jagged hill 5 miles from the Conta Mana border. It had traveled 16 million miles to search for a sense of self. And for the second time. [Dillon]

18 hours later. A US Army UH-1H assault chopper arrives at night to a "fishing village". People began transferring equipment from the UH-1H into a pair of smaller assault helicopters at the clearing's edge. This is the rescue mission to retrieve the three cabinet members. Al Dillon was to accompany Dutch's team. It was to be a 24-hour mission, and there was no backup. 3 hours after debriefing, they began. [Poncho]

They arrived at the drop site at pre-dawn. 1.5 hours later the reached the downed UH-1H. Dillon went through the dead men's uniforms to get flight plans and records. The pilots got each a round in the head, the chopper was taken down by a heat-seeker and stripped. To Ramirez, the chopper didn't look like a surveillance chopper, but an assault chopper. 12 guerrillas pulled the prisoners, but 6 other tracks lead elsewhere, the tracks looking like they were made by a machine wearing US-issue jungle boots. So, as the commandos moved north, the Yautja studied them from afar. [Billy]

It was the height of day before Billy "sensed" the Yautja's presence, though he cannot pinpoint the location. He does find the corpses of some prisoners - stripped of their flesh. Dillon is unaware of any covert ops in the area. Billy is puzzled - there was a fire fight, shooting in all directions (4-5000 rounds), yet no tracks at what they were shooting at. There's also no sign of the guerrillas or the politicians. Dutch's team marches on as the Yautja watches.

They come across the guerrilla camp, discovering it is not a makeshift one, and they find the equipment that was stripped of the UH1H 'copter. One of the prisoners, who had been whipped and beaten runs out of a hut. The guerrilla leader exits after him and kills the prisoner.

The Yautja watched as the commandos crept toward the base, disarming a trip wire along the way. Billy kills a guard and the commandos crawl further into the camp, taking their positions. Ramirez readied his grenade launcher. Dutch cut loose the belt-drive of a truck for distraction. rolled down the hill, toward the main palapa.

The Yautja's sensors were temporarily blinded by the sudden grenade explosions. It also felt a kinship to Dutch.

Billy cleared out the main palapa. Blain was injured in his shoulder by a grenade shrapnel. The Yautja gets closer to the fray, but the battle was over.

Dutch surveys the camp, noticing for the first time it was actually a military stronghold. Most of the equipment was stolen, a few of the men were Russian, some may have been CIA. Amongst the dead guerrillas, they find one alive - Anne. Dutch then finds an order to launch a major offensive on the Conta Mana capital and level the city if need be. He then realizes the camp was an invasion army, and Phillip's mission to rescue three politicians was a rouse to manipulate Dutch into blocking the rebel invasion. Ramirez is in the forest, hunting the last of the guerrillas. Blain soon joins him.

Dutch confronts Dillon, who admits to the plot. They've been trying to find the camp for months. Davis volunteered to pull out the CIA.

Dillon discovers the ID of the female guerrilla - Anna Gonsalves. Hawkins informs them that there's movement towards them from all sides. Dillon decides to take Anna with them - she might have info he needs. There are choppers 10 miles away, across the border, but they couldn't pick them up from their current location.

While evacuating, Billy again senses the Yautja's presence. The Yautja, however, went to investigate the carnage the humans left behind. Then it played back a recording - Mac's voice. Then the Yautja begins actively stalking the humans.

Anna attempts to escape from Dillon, but Ramirez stopped her.

Further on, Billy senses the Yautja, even enters a trance to learn more about the creature, yet learns nothing.

Anna attempts another escape, from Ramirez. The Yautja watches as Hawkins is sent after her. Just when he catches her, the Yautja kills him, taking the body but leaves Anna alone in her fear. Meanwhile, Billy tells Dutch in his belief that a creature is hunting them.

Dutch gives the order to move out as Ramirez rejoins them. They head to where Hawkins was last known to be. They find only Anna, still in shock. They search the area and find Hawkin's body, appearing just like Davis had. Though Dutch and Billy believe the Yautja did it, the others believe it was the rebels. [Blain]

Moving out, Blain was next to be killed by the Yautja. Mac hears Blain scream and races to save him, only to see the Yautja taking off. He open-fired, and when the others get there, Ramirez throws a few grenades. The white flash short-circuits the Yautja's heat-seeking vision. Dutch sets up camp for the night. Only Anna discovers the Yautja's green blood, but is too freaked to do anything about it.

It was night before the Yautja's vision returned to him. In his ship, he removes Hawkin's head and spinal cord as his trophy.

Dillon tried to radio the choppers just over the Sonta Mana border for backup, but his request is denied. He again tries to learn the identity of the attacker from Anna, but gets nowhere. Billy admits to Ramirez he's scared - something he's never said before.

The next morning, Mac thought the Yautja was attacking the Commando camp, but it was merely a wild boar. In the distraction, Anna grabs a MP-5 gun as Billy discovers Blain's body is missing. The Yautja had bypassed all their trip-wires. Finally, Anna tells them about the Yautja blood she found earlier.

The commandos and Anna secure the area. Dutch makes one contraption, hoping at least the Yautja didn't see it. After waiting, the Yautja finally reappears, but sets off the trip wire. In freeing himself, Ramirez was snagged and injured. Mac, in a frenzy, races after it. Dillon elects to chase after Mac as Dutch, Anna, billy, and Rameriz race to get to the choppers.

Dillon reaches Mac, but together decide to attack the Yautja. While attempting to flush it out, it slashes open Mac's throat, and then goes after Dillon. Hurling its spear, it severed Dillon's arm just above the elbow, then it sliced open his chest, killing Dillon.

Elsewhere, the troop hears Dillon die. All but Billy picked up the pace. Billy, instead, stood still in a trance. As the troop cleared a hill, they heard Billy die, too - killed by the Yautja.

The Yautja throws its spear at Ramirez, pinning him down. Dutch covers Anna's retreat. The Yautja threw it's spear at Dutch, but only destroyed his gun. As the Yautja backed away to return to Billy's body, Dutch realizes he was injured at the shoulder, but didn't register it.

The Yautja begins stalking Dutch anew, but Dutch slips down a cliff, through a few canopies, and into the river. As the river carried Dutch away, the Yautja jumped down after him, and nearly lost him. It caught up with Dutch further down the river, where Dutch nearly fainted with exhaustion and pain, and thoroughly covered in mud. Yet the Yautja couldn't see him. It's optics couldn't see his heat source through the mud.

Just as the Yautja left to find its prey elsewhere, the US army helicopters swooped by. Not finding any of the troops, they flew off to search elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Anna races for her life through the jungle, away from the Yautja as Dutch prepared for another fight. Dutch created a set of traps and makeshift weapons, then let out a loud cry - which the Yautja heard and accepted.

When the Yautja came to Dutch, Dutch used all his senses to fight it. He fired a poisonous arrow at where he heard the Yautja land because of a tree branch, but missed by inches. The Yautja retaliated instinctively, but likewise missed.

Again, Dutch waited to detect the Yautja's presence but instead heard Anna, begging him to follow her. It was, however, the Yautja playing back a sound byte. Dutch realized this when he ext heard another voice - Mac's. Almost too late, he tossed a flash-grenade to cover his retreat. A shrapnel wounds the Yautja and retreats as well.

Dutch follows the Yautja's trail of blood, and attacks the Yautja. Dutch has the upper hand until the Yautja uses its wrist knives in a desperate move to get away. As it does, Dutch shoots it with a poisonous dart. He follows the Yautja, avoiding the Yautja's traps, right to the spaceship. Then, using it's own weapon against him, kills the Yautja.

Nearby, two copters, with General Phillips and Anna, retrace Anna's plight hoping to rendezvous with Dutch when an explosion occurs. When they're finally able to land they find Dutch still alive.

1988 (Predator: Kindred)


Fleener Creek, Oregon, is an average Northwestern town, like any other speed zone too small to make the map. It's got a sheriff who's got a longing for action. There are townsfolk with whispered histories - like Buddy Wilcox, who's said to have murdered his own father - and there are locals to whom you'd give the Good Samaritan award - but who dream of doing things that would give Buddy nightmares. Like all small towns, Fleener Creek is a powder keg waiting to blow. But unlike other small towns, Fleener's got a catalyst to set the action blazing - Fleener's got a Yautja.

No one in Fleener would commit violence if the Yautja didn't show up. He's the living embodiment of their primal thoughts. The Yautja is, in a way, a demon that possesses the town, a demon they must exorcise to survive. He's their inner evil.

It's a community where the people leave their doors open but keep their primal selves locked up. It's a community where little Buddy Wilcox wished on a falling star that his abusive father would die. But this falling star was actually the ship of a Yautja who made little Buddy's dream come true - right in front of him. Now, thirty years later, four kindred spirits - an escaped serial killer, a Yautja, sheriff Kelly Mathis, and Buddy - clash in the forest, unleashing the violence and heat of a hibernating grizzly of a town.
[-] [Big Game]

1988 (Predator: Big Game)

Cobola County, New Mexico. A Yautja hunts at an Army base. Though the base is destroyed after the Army captures the Yautja's ship, the army still manage to kill the Yautja. They are associated with the myth of adilgashii.
[-] Predator: Concrete Jungle

1989 (Predator / Predator: Concrete Jungle TPB)

New York City. A fleet of alien ships arrived in New York; however, their cloaking devices made them invisible. Soon, violent murders began taking place, such as the death of groups of drug dealers, police officers, etc. Suspecting that this was the work of the aliens encountered in 1987, the military tried to cover up all of the murders. Unfortunately, Dutch's brother was a detective for the NYPD, and the Yautjas marked him for the Hunt. Things get worse for Schaefer and his partner, Rasche, as Rasche discovers the existence of a whole fleet of Yautjas ready to invade and Schaefer comes face-to-face with the Colombian drugs lords! Also, general panic continues in New York as the Yautjas hunt for Schaefer and kill everyone in their path! It's all-out war against the Yautja army, and since the army and police want Schaefer and Rasche out of the way- the two must turn to one of their enemies for the manpower they need! Will anyone- or anything- be left standing when the smoke clears?
[-] [Cold War]

1990 (Predator: Cold War)

In Yamal Peninsula, Siberia, a Yautja ship crash-landed in the frozen wasteland. Almost immediately, Russian military personnel at local oil stations were slaughtered. U.S. military was dispatched in an effort to either capture the alien ship or destroy it to prevent it from falling to the Russians. Being one of the few to ever combat the Yautjas, the military brought in Detective Schaefer to help, whether he likes it or not. Detective Schaefer and General Philips' elite squad parachute into the icy wasteland to investigate, only to receive a warm welcome from both the Russians and the Yautjas. In the sub-zero ruins of Siberian oil-pumping station, U.S. commandos take on their Soviet counterparts as the super-powers teeter on the brink of war! Only Russian Lt. Ligachev and American detective Schaefer seen interested in going after the real enemy-the Yautjas. Schaefer and Ligachev take the battle to the enemy when they attack the Yautjas' downed spacecraft.

Again, the Yautja took only minor injury from humans, and once they fixed their ship, they left.
[-] [Race War]

1992 (Predator: Race War)

In Konza, Kenya a Yautja hunts hunters of wildgame.

Later, in Tuscon, Arizona, a human takes credit for a Yautja's kills to get fame in prison. The Yautja kills the human just after the human arrives in the Paloverde State Penitentiary. The Yautja remains there, hunting other killers. The inmates kill the Yautja, and a covert team almost get the body but other Yautja reach it first.
[-] [Batman vs Predator]

1992 (Predator vs. Batman)

In Gotham City, a Yautja begins hunting a boxing champion, then seeks other political power-mongers. Seeing Batman, it makes him the primary target. Though the Yautja defeats the Batman in round one, Batman wins round two. Other Yautja arrive, and the failed Yautja kills himself to save honor. They offer the sabre the Yautja used to kill himself to Batman, then leave.


In August, a pack of four of Yautjas descends on Earth, each targeting a different "trophy." Ghost, Motorhead, Law, and X find themselves facing off against the alien warriors.

[-] [Batman vs Predator 2]

1994 (Predator vs Batman II)

Gotham City. Another Yautja returns to Gotham on a mission of revenge. It watched a playback of Batman defeating a Yautja. It begins to hunt Batman, luring him to a cave. Defeated by the Yautja, the Batman is almost killed, but the Huntress saves him.

Batman encounters two other Yautja, but they are after the one stalking Batman. That Yautja is a Bad Blood. The Bad Blood manages to kill one of the two other Yautja before escaping.

With federal agents getting involved (they've dealt with Yautja before), Batman lures the Bad Blood back to the bat-signal. The federal agents attack the wrong Yautja, and Batman manages to injure the Bad Blood enough to make him flee in his ship. The remaining imjured Yautja chases after it, and destroys the Bad Blood's ship, but is caught up in the explosion himself.

August 10, 1996 (Predator: Dark River)

The jungles of South America. Two recorders and several guides are tracking a Yautja. Despite the fact they are unarmed and helpless, the Yautja slaughters them, with the help of a local tribe, whom he ignores.

Just Prior to October 7, 1996 (Predator: Dark River)

General Philips sent in a 60-million dollor robot to chase down and capture the Yautja in South America. It lead the robot on, tricking it into falling down a canyon.

October 7, 1996 (Predator: Dark River)

General Philips is golfing when he gets a Priority One call from the Pentagon Med section. The med labs finished their analysis of the blood sample sent back by Captain Soames' team. The blood belongs to Detective Schaefer. The Yautja kept a sample and had synthesized it, tossed it around hoping it would be found.

Philips locates a prisoner named Mercer, pretending to be a lawyer. He would get Mercer out of jail if he could convince Schaefer to go back to South America.
[-] [Dark River]

October 8-15 1996 (Predator: Dark River)

Detective Schaefer, who is the brother of Dutch Schaefer, is a cop in New York City and he is still wondering whatever happened to his brother. During a drug bust he arrests a drug-running airplane pilot (Mercer) who reveals that he knows something about what happened to Schaefer's brother, that he was, in fact, the pilot on that last mission in South America. That launches Schaefer back into an adventure back to South America to figure out what really happened to his brother.

At the same time, the Yautja Shaefer thought he had back then recovered. The experience, however, drove him completely mad. Now, this Yautja is in the South American jungle running around with this bunch of human devotees (South American tribesmen) causing all sorts of havoc.

Shaefer is en-route to Cobija on a makeshift military transport - Cobija had been cut off since El Prisidente's civil war turned into a slaughter. This is why the transport was bombed. The pilot, Shaefer, and Lopez had been tagged with ankle tracking cuffs - meaning the government gendearmes were keeping tabs. If they did anything to stray from their objective (destroy the Yautja), the president of South America would order them killed.
[-] [Harrigan] [Danny] [Leona]

1997 (Predator 2)

Los Angeles. Mike Harrigan and his anti-drug task force are caught in the middle of a war between Colombian and Jamaican drug lords. During the battle with the Colombian faction, a mysterious presence (a Yautja) intervenes and slaughters the dealers, puzzling the police. The Jamaicans, taking advantage of the power vacuum, move in and attack the Colombian kingpin, but are also taken out by the Yautja.

Harrigan is warned by FBI investigator Peter Keyes to stay out of the case and starts to realize, thanks to a chunk of alien weaponry found in the kingpin's penthouse, that something unearthly is involved.

When Danny, a fellow cop, is killed while investigating the crime scene, Harrigan defies Keyes and meets with the Jamaican voodoo drug lord, who is also killed by the monster.

Two other cops, Jerry and Leona, encounter the alien on the subway and Jerry is killed. Harrigan and Leona trail Keyes to a warehouse, where a team of federal agents is preparing to make contact with the Yautja. Keyes explains about the Yautja, and his knowledge of the one Dutch Schaefer fought. Keyes' attempts to avoid the Yautja's sight by wearing body-heat retarding outfits prove fruitless and, despite Harrigan's intervention, the FBI men are killed.

Harrigan takes on the Yautja and, during a drawn-out combat, tracks it to the spaceship it has concealed under the city. There, using his own resources, he destroys the Yautja. A horde of other Yautja appears, but their leader only presents him with a souvenir - a flintlock pistol, marked 1750 - before departing the planet.
[-] [Primal]

1997 (Predator: Primal)

A Yautja lands in the Alaskan wilderness to fight a grizzly. The park ranger - who is a bear specialist - gets caught in the midst of it. She has a tracer on some of the grizzlies to track their movement and she finds one that gets killed. She goes on a hunt to track down who's killed this grizzly bear and finds herself smack in the middle of this conflict between the Yautja and this grizzly bear - and a forest fire.

1999 (Predator: Captive)


Nevada Desert. Multi-billionaire Tyler Stern, owner of an experimental complex, has managed to capture a Yautja. They severed its arm at the elbow before the Yautja could activate the computer self-destruct. The complex's bio-dome has recreated that Stern believes to be the Yautja's natural habitat: a hot and humid tropical climate, a high methane content atmosphere.

As the humans studies it, it studied them - testing their limits of defense. By the time Falkner becomes head of security, there were several anomalies in their surveillence systems - total blackouts with video camerasa and motion trackers, recorded pressure drops in stmospheric integrity (suggesting unauthorized entrance or exit from the dome).

The Yautja is a hunter. It's patient. It knows how to bide it's time. It's patience pays off, when after 8 armed personnel is slain by the one-armed Yautja, Stern takes its severed limb to it, but the Yautja activates the self-destruct.

1999 (Predator: Homeworld)


The Montana portion of Yellowstone Park. The beginning of the Elk Rut: George Sperling, a photographer, notices what he initially thought was a shooting star, but it lasted too long for a regular meteor. Later, he takes photos as usual of local wildlife. Later that night, he heard shrieking around him. By morning, he went looking for the Elk herd but they were slaughtered. One elk had been carried off almost a half a mile and stung 30 feet up in a tree. Further down, he found a slaughtered black bear. Racing, hoping to catch the culprits, he looks up in the tree line. He saw a Yautja. This one was dressed in typical battle armor. He managed to take a somewhat bad picture of the Yautja before it lept away to chase a barking dog. He is a photographer: this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Two days later. Same local: [Bergstrom ]

Dr. Bergstrom is working on the wolf reintroduction program in Yellowstone. She has the feeling of being watched, from above. It's the same feeling she always get when she's near a Yautja on the prowl. She follows her instincts, curious. It led her into the geyser counry, towards the hot springs and boiling mud holes. Not much can stand the heat and sulphur fumes. Most anything that stumbles into the area dies pretty quickly. She notices that one of the bigger pools' water level had risen since the last time she was there. As though something big had been dropped in it. Then she is attacked by a Yautja. It wears only body mesh, a mask, and wrist blades, as well as a polearm. It wears a belt as well. Its arms are decorated with tatoos. Bergstrom drops her weapon, and the Yautja turns and heads for the trees. She follows it, starting to takes very efficient notes via tape recorder. She is a biologist: this is her once-in -a-lifetime opportunity.

George Sperling stumbles down toward a survivalist-type cabin. There he witnesses three Yautja in battle gear slaughtering a family (a mother, father, two children, and a small dog). Sperling believed they were 'wilding'.

Later that night, the tatooed Yuatja inspects the area. Dr. Bergstrom walks in the cabin, to see the slaughtered family.

One day later: Bergstrom continued to follow the tatooed Yautja. They come up to a small herd of bison of perhaps twenty. The Yautja threw aside his weapon and lept toward the charging bison. It rode the bison for a while, then flipped over its head and threw the bison several feet. Then, without warning, both the bison and the Yautja stopped. The Yautja approached the beast, and patted it on the head. This Yautja has a reverence for nature.

Sperling was becoming frustrated. He had lost the three Bad Bloods, but he did run into two humans on the hunt. Armed with shotguns, they slaughtered them too. One took a trophy as Spering took pictures and, once the Bad Bloods were gone, a shotgun.

Later, Bergstrom watched as the tatooed Yautja dug up some roots and ate it. She wondered how it knew what to eat, and where to look for it. Were they from Earth? After she awoke, she realized she was alone. Rushing to find the Yautja, she runs into a very scared Sperling. Very soon, they are attacked by the Bad Bloods. Bergstrom is confident that disarming would save them, but these creatures are not pacifists. Before the Bad Bloods could kill the humans, the tatooed Yautja interferes. He kills one Bad Blood before they run off, leaving the tatooed Yautja injured. He places his weapon between himself and the humans, signifying that they should leave him be.

Then the humans realize: Carfax is only 600 miles away, and there are still two blood-hungry Yautja on the loose. The Bad Bloods couldn't count on the random hiker or ranger to satisfy their urge to kill and display their skill. The humans follow the tatooed Yautja. In a clearing, hanging in the trees, were eight skulls. The Yautja began cutting them down. Even the humans understand: this wasn't a kill site. The three Bad Bloods went to the trouble to bring the skulls from somewhere else. Spering deduces that the display was aimed at the tatooed Yautja. Leaving body parts lying around would be a slap in the face. Otherwise, the Yautja is upset that they are just kiling things, instead of hunting and trophy-taking.

They continue on, following the displays the Bad Bloods left. It's like they were marking their trail. Spering believes this is a scouting party for an invasion, gauging the strength of an enemy. They use weapons "about as sophisticated as a machete" because of a ritual aspect. Bergstrom reiterates her theory of the Yautja being from Earth. Sperling takes the last of his photographs with the sunset as a backdrop and places the roll in a hollow tree.

They reach Carfax, and everything seems peaceful. Then the three Bad Blood pounced on them from the trees. The tatooed Yautja attacks. There was no honor here, just young ogues taking on the leader of the pride. He was good, but not a match for all three. Spering joined the fight, attaching one of the Bad Blood. The third Bad Blood knocked down Spering as the tatooed Yautja killed one Bad Blood. Spering passed out. Bergstrom managed to tie a tourniquet around his leg before she passed out from sheer shock. When Spering came to, his left foot was missing.

Bergstrom wonders if the tatooed Yautja lived to make it back to his home, if he died on the spot, or if he found one last opponent (a bear?) and went down in battle.

5 days later:

Dr. Bergstrom and George Sperling are interviewed about their experiences with the Yautja. They had already confiscated Dr. Bergstrom's tape journal and all of Sperling's photographs. They are most interested in their tales, making certain "that no one is affected by it." All they want to know is about the Yautja's behavior. The man in black was most interested in the theory of Dr. Bergstrom's common ancestry with the Yautja. The man investigating emails his field people. The email is double-encrypted, and listed under park department communiques to throw off hackers (hackers rarely read these reports- boring). The email states a big problem: altering park entry records, getting rid of vehicles the victims might have left. In other words, false trails, to make it look like they disappeared anywhere but the park. Then, on top of this, he has to clean up the witness problem. Spering knows he would be made to disappear, too. The man in black begins to make arrangements to tell Dr. Bergstrom's husband has been killed in a bear attack. The doctor's team is ready to set an apropriate scene, wounds and so forth.

Spering's last shots of the Yautja, the ones taken at sunset, remain undiscovered in the hollow tree.