Yautja Encyclopedia: History

June 2000 (Superman vs Predator)

[Superman vs Predator]

La Jungla De Las Sombras ("The Jungle of Shadows").

Doctor Casey Trabor, Machu, and Dr Marla Rollins (on behalf of S.T.A.R. Labs) are searching for something they hope is an incredible scientific discovery. What they find, however, is a derelict Yautja spaceship. It appears to be abandoned for years. [This is actually the ship left by the Yautja that fought Dutch Schaeffer in 1987]. Casey's advise is to destroy the ship, yet Rollins overrules that idea, ordering Machu and his men to cut down the vines. A large number of human skulls fall out. Rollins, though unnerved a little, suggests they take precautions.

Metropolis. Midtown Labs arranged to transport plutonium in an armored car when terrorists Ed and Renny hijacked it. They manage to cause a police car to spin out of control and crash over the side of the bridge. Superman stops it before it lands on some Marathon runners. Meanwhile, when Ed and Renny find their escape route blocked, they demand a helicopter or they would unseal the plutonium. Superman whisks the armored car in the air, twirls it around at super speed to disorient the crooks, then brings it back down so the police can arrest them. Returning to the Daily Planet building, Lois chastises him for not working with the police. Superman, now appearing as Clark Kent, tells his wife not to worry, that he's had his powers a long time and knows what he is doing. Inside, Ron Troupe quickly fills Lois and Clark in on Dr Rollins' in Central America, hoping that by alerting the media, Superman could help them out. Clark promptly leaves, and Lois asks Perry White for The Planet Learjet to go get that story.

Central America Rollins suggests that the owners of the ship might not be aggressors. Trabor points out the small skull collection. Rollins believes that science is the way forward for mankind. Superman arrives to take control of the situation. Professor Hamilton at S.T.A.R. Labs told him about the ship. He scans the ships with microscopic vision and x-ray vision and discovers what appears to be a self destruct mechanism, and some loose wires - which explains why it didn't go off. Superman rips open the door and is attacked by a sonic blast (too compacted for human hearing).

In space, a Yautja ship approaches. The Yautja turns off a flashing red light that suddenly became active. Then it heads for Earth.

Superman and the STAR team head inside the ship. Superman checks out some circuit boards with his x-ray vision when it begins to fluctuate. Rollins suggests that maybe there is some alien metal that affects him, as does lead. Gunfire is heard outside as soldiers capture the team. Superman arrives to disarm them. Rollins is taken hostage by one of the soldiers, but Trabor rescues her. Superman picks up a jeep to throw at the soldiers to scare them off, but his strength gives out as his vision blurs, and thus he falls over. Though confused, Skane fires an anti-tank missile, which knocks Superman away. He uses his heat vision, which is hard to focus, to ignite a truck's petrol tank and he and the STAR team escape.

Skane informs Mr Ward of their success. Ward orders Superman killed.

As Rollins, Machu, Superman and Trabor escape through the forest, Trabor suggests that maybe there was some sort of bacteria or virus on board the ship that only affects Superman's body. Rollins says that finding a cure is their top priority, but they are suddenly stopped by Machu. Before them lies a huge crater, its sides fused. Machu begins to tell them the story behind the crater, which Trabor confirms after stripping away the superstition aspect. Above them a helicopter appears, though Superman is the last to hear and see it. Skane see it too, and fire a rocket launcher and hits it. Superman uses his x-ray vision to discover that Lois is on board. Using everything he has left, Superman flies up and catches it before it crashes. When Superman gets the chopper safely down, the mercenaries arrive and capture everyone and tie Superman in chains, which successfully holds him.

Elsewhere, a Yautja emerges from a cave.

Captain Skane and his crew take their captives to their secret base hidden deep within a cave with Mayan carvings. No one, not even a satellite, will be able to find them. Rollins is interested in the carvings and Skane explains that the Mayan tribe moved in here to hide from something and then just disappeared. (On the wall, one of the carvings is of a Yautja.)

Inside the cave lies a huge Mayan city, complete with temple and large gun. Walking to the very top of the temple, Skane takes the group in to see Mr Solomon Ward. He is very happy to see Lois, believing she will be invaluable in helping people to understand what he has been doing. Ward begins to explain how he is going to help mankind fulfill its potential, by sending an isotope into the air which will then fall to the ground as rain. To clarify, Skane plays a video, which shows a person with Down's Syndrome and a normal human. They are having a drink. The next thing, the human with Down's Syndrome is dead. Ward explains that the isotope will only kill those people with a genetic disorder and anyone who carries the recessive gene.

Rollins and Trabor are not impressed. Superman tries to struggle free of his chains, but doesn't have the strength. The group is herded off to a cell.

Trabor attacks the guards and frees Superman from his chains. Trabor goes to give Rollins a gun, but she backs away as she doesn't believe in them, and falls over the edge of a cliff. Superman doesn't have time to catch her and she is left hanging from the edge. By the time Lois comes to help, they are all recaptured.

Back at the spaceship, the mercenaries are attacked by the Yautja.

As Marcel and another soldier discuss the ailing Superman's condition, Casey makes plans of escaping by borrowing a hair pin from Rollins. Meanwhile, Ward continues his attempt to get Lois to narrate his project. He hopes that using such a recognized reporter, his project would prevent overreactions. Lois still refuses, and leaves Ward to wonder if Jerry Springer is available. Escorting Lois back to the prison cell, Dumbrowski walks too close to the cell, and is held against the bars as the other soldiers are held at gunpoint. Ward is informed of the escape. He leaves Skane to recapture them, concentrating instead on integrating the Yautja energy pod into his own seeding generator.

Superman plans to return to the Yautja ship, despite objections by Lois. When he arrives, though, he discovers the three guards already dead. Then he is attacked by the Yautja.

As the soldiers near the escapee's position, Casey attempts to hide the group, but Rollins betrays them to Skane.

The Yautja decides to fight Superman in hand-to-hand combat, but when Superman makes the first hit, the Yautja rethinks his choice and begins firing his laser cannon. Superman, unsure if his invulnerability would protect him, retreats inside the derelict ship, and hopes the Yautja will follow. It doesn't, and Superman realizes, almost too late, that the Yautja had repaired and initiated the self-destruct sequence on the ship. It explodes just as he is flying away.

When Skane does a prisoner count, he comes up two short: Casey and Lois.

Soldiers, meanwhile, find Superman regaining consciousness and, much to their surprise, he takes them down, his powers seemingly recuperated. Yet once they are tied up, his fever returns. A short distance away, the Yautja studies Superman.

His powers greatly reduced by an alien virus, Superman must stop the carrier of the plague the Yautja as well as Solomon Ward, who threatens to wipe out a huge chunk of the population! It's a multiple showdown in the jungles of Central America as Superman must simultaneously overcome the alien virus that has sapped his powers; defeat a Ward's experiment in genetic "cleansing"; and keep all sorts of people away from a deadly Yautja!

December 2000 (JLA vs Predator)


JLA Watchtower, Earth's Moon. A Dominion spacecraft nears the tower. It will remain viable for only a few moments longer. They are leaking oxygen and feeding the on-board fire. J'onn J'onzz is on duty and tries hailing them. There is no response. He reports to Oracle he is pulling them in. The aliens are trying to reach Earth with their transporters but they're out of range. So, he links the Tower's transporters to those on the craft.

The Dominators are angered J'onn intercepted their transport beam. Believing themselves captives they attempt to fight back. However, J'onn becomes intangible and uses his heat vision to heat up their weapons. Subdued, they tell J'onn that by saving them, they have begun the Hunt.

J'onn barely survives a Yautja plasma blast and phases through the floor. He informs Oracle of the new intruder, and that the intruder is blocking his telepathy. Oracle wants to call other JLA to the Tower, but J'onn asks her to wait. Then her line with him goes dead when the intruder attacks him from behind.

Oracle summons Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman. Batman can't teleport up because the controls are locked. Superman and Green Lantern fly up. In the meantime, Oracle contacts the other members: Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Plastic Man, and Atom.

Superman and Green Lantern arrive at the Tower. After Superman unlocks the controls, they find J'onn's head on a stake. Superman fills in Green Lantern on what the Yautja are (himself and Batman having previous run-ins with them). Then a headless J'onn stumbles in, still alive. (The only way he can be truly killed is with fire). J'onn reattaches his head, admitting he couldn't sense the attacker's mind.

Batman arrives to look J'onn over, and informs his partners there is no one else in the Tower. The Yautja and the Dominators all teleported to Earth, in three separate locations. He assigns three teams to hunt for the Dominators, and to find out why the Yautja are hunting them.

Venice, Earth.. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Plastic Man, while searching for the Dominator, are attacked by the Yautja. One follows Aquaman underwater. Another follows Wonder Woman, attacking with a lasso while cloaked. Wonder Woman tries to take the battle away from the area, but her double, W-Yautja, ensnares her in his lasso, floods her body with electricity, and brings her back down. Plastic Man, in the form of a plane, is trying to avoid his double, P-Yautja, who is also in plane form. He manages, however, to find the Dominator.

Aquaman spots the sighting mechanism on his chest and avoids the blast. He pinpoints the origin and attacks his double, A-Yautja. Wonder Woman uses W-Yautja's lasso to get ner him and punches it with all her strength. W-Yautja is dazed, but is still able to get up. Plastic Man intervenes to save her just as Aquaman is hurled out of the water. He again hails the Tower, but J'onn doesn't respond.

JLA Watchtower, Earth's Moon. J'onn has discovered that his double is still on board. This is why he is not answering the hails.

Amazon Jungle. Green Lantern, Flash, and Atom search for the second Dominator, and Flash finds him in no time. However, each hero is attacked by their double. They decide to split up and run. F-Yautja manages to catch up and swipe Flash. GL-Yautja manages to negate a monster created by GL's ring, to his surprise: he didn't think his ring had a weakness. Atom and his double go subatomic. Atom hurls a positive electron at his Yautja. It shorts out his circuits. No one seems to be getting the upper hand, and J'onn is still occupied.

England, the lake district on the NW coast, just below Scotland. Batman and Superman hunt the last Dominator, but they too are attacked by doubles. S-Yautja is moving at super speed, and so Superman can't see him. When he does stop, though, Superman attacks. Batman, thanks to the Dominator's yell, dodges blast from his double at the last second.

JLA Watchtower, Earth's Moon. Finally they are all teleported back to the Tower. J'onn J'onzz explains why he didn't do it earlier. Then Batman confronts the Dominators, asking why they came to Earth. They admit it was to seek their protection. The Dominators confess they controlled the Yautjas. They were cloned and DNA-modified to kill the JLA. However, these Meta-Yautja's awoke early, killed all in the facility, and hunted the first three to Earth.

The Meta-Yautja managed to get back into the Tower. Aquaman decides to switch which Yautja they fight. This proves effective as they together take down the Meta-Yautja. Rather than be captives, the Yautja blast a hole in the wall and are sucked out into the vacuum of space. Despite the knowledge the Dominators make to create more Meta-Yautja, the JLA put them back into their ship and send them home. They have no choice - J'onn telepathically forced them not to prevent it.

2004 (AvP: Movie)

Sunday 3rd October: Satellites belonging to Weyland industries detect a heat bloom beneath Bouvetøya, an island about one thousand miles north of Antarctica.

Sunday 10th October: Billionaire Charles Bishop Weyland assembles a team of scientists to investigate the heat source and claim it for his multinational communications company Weyland Industries. The team includes paleontologists, archaeologists, linguistic experts, drillers, mercenaries, and a female guide named Alexa Woods

Using thermal imaging satellites, Weyland believes to have discovered the ruins of an ancient pyramid temple that predates the Egyptian and Aztec pyramids buried under the ice. Once inside, the team finds the remains of humans with holes in the rib cage and the remains of face huggers, meaning that the possibility of the temple being uninhabited is very unlikely. To make matters worse, five teenage Predators are coming to the temple to perform a coming-of-age ritual that involves fighting to the death with the aliens. Soon, it becomes clear that only one species is getting out alive.

As a Yautja ship reaches Earth's orbit, it blasts a hole through the ice towards the source of the heat bloom. When the humans arrive at the site above the heat source, an abandoned whaling station, they find this hole and descend beneath the ice. They discover a mysterious pyramid and begin to explore it, finding evidence of a civilization predating written history and what appears to be a sacrificial chamber filled with human skeletons with ruptured rib cages.

Meanwhile, three Yautjas land and kill the humans on the surface, making their way down to the pyramid and arrive just as the team unwittingly powers up the structure. An Alien queen awakens from cryogenic stasis and begins to produce eggs, from which facehuggers hatch and attach to several humans trapped in the sacrificial chamber. Chestbursters emerge from the humans and quickly grow into adult Aliens. Conflicts erupt between the Yautjas, Aliens, and humans, resulting in several deaths. Unknown to the others, a Yautja is implanted with an Alien embryo.

Through translation of the pyramid’s hieroglyphs the explorers learn that the Yautja have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. It was they who taught early human civilizations how to build pyramids, and were worshipped as gods. Every 100 years they would visit Earth to take part in a rite of passage in which several humans would sacrifice themselves as hosts for the Aliens, creating the "ultimate prey" for the Yautjas to hunt. If overwhelmed, the Yautjas would activate their self-destruct weapons to eliminate the Aliens and themselves. The explorers deduce that this is why the current Yautjas are at the pyramid, and that the heat bloom was to attract humans for the purpose of making new Aliens to hunt.

The remaining humans decide that the Yautjas must be allowed to succeed in their hunt so the Aliens do not reach the surface. As the battle continues, most characters are killed leaving Alexa and a single Yautja to fight against the Aliens. The two form an alliance and use the Yautja’s self-destruct device to destroy the pyramid and the remaining Aliens. Alexa and the Yautja reach the surface, where they battle the escaped Alien queen. They defeat the queen by attaching its chain to a water tower pushing it over a cliff and into the ocean, dragging the queen to the ocean floor. The Yautja, however, dies from its wounds.

A Yautja ship uncloaks and several Yautjas appear. They collect their fallen comrade and present Alexa with one of their spear weapons in recognition of her skill as a warrior. As they retreat into space, a chestburster erupts from the dead Predator. It is an Alien/Predator hybrid, as it has the characteristic mandibles of the two creatures.

2004 (AvP: Requim Movie)

Thursday October 14th 2004 AD: On board the Yautja ship and immediately after the events of Bouvet Island the body of "Scar" Predator erupts with a chestburster. The chestburster has taken the characteristics of the Yautja and quickly grows into a new breed of alien called a Predalien. It later sneaks into a Yautja Scout ship that was attached to the main ship and attacks and kills another Yautja onboard the ship. In an attempt to kill the Predalien another Yautja fires his shoulder cannon and inadvertently damages the ship’s hull, causing it to crash in the forests outside the town of Gunnison, Colorado.

The last surviving Yautja from the crash activates a distress signal to his home world, just before he is killed by the Predalien.

A father and son are hunting deer when they see the crash and go to investigate, but before they can raise the alarm, both are impregnated by facehuggers that had escaped from the crashed ship.

The distress signal reaches the Yautja home world and is answered by a battle scarred Predator (nicknamed "Wolf"). He views a recording from the Yautja's mask that caused the ship to crash-land. He watches how the Predalien killed crew members leading to the ship's crash, and knows that aliens are loose on Earth. He prepares his gear, selects a mask, and departs.

Meanwhile, ex-con Dallas Howard has returned to Gunnison after time served in prison. He is greeted by the town's sheriff, Eddie Morales. Ricky Howard, Dallas' brother, is jumped by bullies after delivering a pizza to his love interest Jesse. One of the attackers, Jesse's boyfriend Dale, takes Ricky's keys and throws them into the sewer drain, forcing Ricky and his brother Dallas to look for them in the sewers. At this point, the hunting pair give birth to chestbursters and a few more facehuggers impregnate several homeless people in the sewers. Ricky catches sight of a chestbuster and he and Dallas leave rattled after hearing a series of hisses and screeching; they also discover the molted remains of another chestbuster who has now grown into an alien. Meanwhile, Kelly O'Brien comes home after serving her time in the U.S. Army to an estranged daughter and waiting husband.

The Yautja's ship arrives mere hours after the distress signal is received. He is tasked with eliminating the aliens and destroying any evidence of the incident. He salvages equipment from the crashed ship and detonates the vessel to eliminate evidence. Among the salvage is a vial of blue, extremely corrosive liquid used to erase biological traces of aliens and their victims. The local community searches in earnest for the father/son hunting pair, which Wolf manages to find first. He immediately uses the vial to remove evidence of the hunting pair. An officer comes across him as this happens, fleeing once he is discovered. The Predator kills him, skins him and hangs him upside down from a tree top, which is found the next morning by Sheriff Morales.

The Yautja locates the nearest area of possible contamination, the city sewer near the forest. He is ambushed by several aliens, and after a brief fight in which he encounters the Predalien (apparently the leader alien of the infestation), the aliens spread throughout the city through a hole in the sewers leading up into the streets, starting a rampage that eventually leads to the destruction of a nearby power plant, forcing the city into darkness.

Ricky and Dale (now Jesse's ex-boyfriend) are having another altercation over Jesse at the high-school's swimming pool. They don't get far before an alien shows up, killing Dale's two friends. After barely escaping with their lives, Ricky, Jesse and Dale manage to meet up with Eddie and Dallas. They head to a sporting shop for weapons, contacting the incoming National Guard; within minutes, however, the entire force is eliminated by aliens. Kelly, having lost her husband and barely escaping an alien, arrives with her daughter Molly. They are forced to flee when the Yautja arrives, attempting to destroy as many aliens as he can. Dale is killed when a dead alien's acidic blood burns through his face. The Yautja's shoulder cannons are damaged in the attack, but he is able to modify one into a handheld plasma pistol.

Meanwhile, as the small group attempts to escape the town, they make contact with Colonel Stevens, who radios that air evacuation will arrive at the town's center within half an hour. Kelly is unconvinced that there will be a rescue, as the town's center is overrun by aliens and would be the wrong place to stage evacuation. The promise of rescue is in fact meant to keep the infestation focused on the survivors, allowing the town to be nuked. Eddie breaks from the group to join a small collection of fighting survivors who plan to wait at the center of town for evacuation, while the remainder of them make for the hospital in a national guard LAV as it is believed to have a helicopter. Unknown to them, the hospital is under attack and has become a hive for the infestation - the Predalien's ability to implant multiple chestburster embryos into female hosts allows the hive to be created within mere hours. A brief contact with an alien results in Jesse panicking and fleeing - she inadvertently runs into the path of one of the Yautja's shurikens and is killed. Ricky retaliates, causing little damage, but the distraction causes the Predator to be knocked down an elevator shaft by an alien, dropping his plasma pistol. Ricky is impaled by the Predalien, but manages to survive the encounter as the Predalien is driven off. Dallas retrieves the plasma pistol as the group makes for the helicopter.

On the roof, Dallas stays behind briefly to fight off the aliens with the plasma pistol, until he is cornered. The Predator appears only a moment later to brawl against the aliens, leaving Dallas to escape just as the Predalien arrives and attacks the Predator. As the two extraterrestrials battle, the helicopter lifts off, carrying an injured Ricky, Dallas, Kelly and her daughter, just as an F-22 Raptor releases a nuclear device. Both the Predator and the Predalien mortally wound each other just as the small-scale tactical nuclear weapon detonates, destroying all the survivors, the aliens, the Predator and the Predalien within its blast radius. The helicopter gets caught in the shock wave, and crash lands in a clearing.

Dallas wakes to find Kelly, Molly and Ricky still alive and outside the crashed craft. After hearing threatening noises, they find themselves surrounded by camouflaged soldiers. Dallas gives up the plasma pistol, while med-evac tends to his still injured brother; Kelly reassures her daughter that the monsters are finally gone.

The scene shifts elsewhere, to a corporate building in the U.S., where Colonel Stevens approaches Ms. Yutani. He opens the briefcase he is carrying to reveal the plasma pistol. Ms. Yutani states that the world is not ready for this new technology, while Colonel Stevens rhetorically asks "But it's not for our world, is it Ms. Yutani?"

Near future (Aliens vs Predator: Annual #1 -- "Old Secrets")


Bradilovo, Bulgaria. 6 years ago Elena left the village to work for the Bulgarian Academy of Science. Today, three scientists are performing an autopsy on a recently excavated body fount thirty meters from the Church of St. George. It is a Yautja that died from a chest-burster (Kiande Amedha). It's skin, however, was still remarkably well-preserved. Hardly any decomposition, aside from the critical wound. Returning to the church, Elena asks Metodi Dobre for an explanation. He then recites a tale as old as the Church itself, about St. George fighting a dragon (which is really a Yautja).

Elena, who has heard this tale before, dismisses it as an old fairy tale. As much as every legend has some level of truth to it, it doesn't explain to her the Yautja's presence. She believes it to be an evolutionary missing link.

Dobre muses, not telling Elena that the Church already knew of the Yautja's presence, since the days of Saint George. He is responsible for keeping them a secret from mankind, who is still not ready to learn of them.

He travels deep into the hill's caverns, and approaches the Yautja ship. In its cargo is a load of eggs. Only one has hatched.

Dobre leads the brotherhood that has strived to keep hidden the Yautja spaceship and the Kiande Amedha eggs and also keeping the secret of the existence of these aliens from mankind.

Sometime after 2024 (Predator: Xenogenesis)

South China Sea, January 21, 2345 hrs. Aboard a civilian cruise ship, a team of military specialists comes to the aid of the passengers on the ship, which issued a SOS and reported a hostile takeover. When the team arrives, they find insane amounts of carnage aboard the ship, along with a few unharmed but traumatized passengers. These passengers emerge from their hiding place after hearing an outrageous battle, believing that the military team that responded to their distress signal is responsible for the bloody massacre of the ship's crew. Only one soldier survived the bloody ordeal -- Ostermann -- and he's the only one who saw the actual perpetrators of the attack on the ship, after the Yautja who killed his teammates revealed itself momentarily before it retreated.

Sky Rock, Colorado. Feb 17, 0712 hrs. Subotai is an immortal Japanese samurai who has been fighting Yautja for ten centuries. His current adversary took a katana from him many lifetimes ago. He wants this game to end.

Georgetown, Washington, DC. March 27, 0832 hrs. Ostermann is in danger of being court-martialed for his alleged role in this gruesome set-up two months ago. He is also the next candidate being eyed to participate in a covert operation known as Spearhead by project director Admiral John Dancer. He's created the ultimate strike team of rogues and mercenaries -- armed to the teeth with state-of-the-art technology. This actually entices the Yautja: man is a more interesting prey now.

Birmingham, England.

Ostermann is taken to a bookstore, which is only a front to Spearhead headquarters. Phyllis is house security and a special boat-service commando. Yet, the band of mercenaries and ex-heroes might be too confident for their own good. Though armed to the teeth with enough weaponry to send Predators scurrying back into the woodwork, there's one thing their enemy has that Spearhead does not: cunning. As Spearhead is unknowingly baited into battle, it wonders what the Predators' true agenda is.

The members of the strike force are: Sienna Truth, Charlie Arrows, Judas Grant, Beatrice Cha'bert, and Dr. Ray Opal. After a period of testing, Ostermann undergoes the operation to enhance his senses, reaction time, and muscle tissues/organs to above standard human potential. The body needs a few days to synchronize with the new input, so the strike team goes on downtime.

Sky rock, Colorado. October 7, 0719 hrs. Subotai stands before a burning village and several dead Yautja. It is his breaking point-- he is tired of the game. He declares war on the Yautja. The Yautja is pleased to accommodate.

Birmingham, England. October 7, 1805 hrs. At a bar named Costers, the strike team enjoy their R and R. They'll go to work when they're put on combat rotation as well as Beta, Delta, and Gamma crews. While there, Judas gets a page. The stalkers anticipate a 70% probability of a hunting party strike at a drug bust by L67, the French secret police at the old Eiffel Tower.

Paris, France. October 7, 1935 hrs. The strike force engages four Yautja. They were too late to save the L67. These Yautja are not using cloaks. In the middle of the battle, however, they retreat. They begin a full sweep: bio-electrical, motion sensors, the works. Judas realizes the Yautja they fought were novices; no battle wound, dueling scars, pocket nukes, and no pack leader or older warrior. Something is going to happen.

Spearhead Command, January 29, 1035 hrs. Dancer listens as communications break down with Delta Team, Major Victor Tsung commanding. Tsung was setting up bait for the Yautja in South America; rebel guerrillas, hit-and-run strikes in that sector, listening post potential target, reinforced government troops - perfect bait for Yautja. Textbook mission. They killed everyone, propping up bodies to make the humans look alive. Ostermann and his team arrive. Activating their ship's electro-static discharge, the Yautja's cloaking devices malfunction in the rain the ship also created. They manage to route the Yautja, but not for long. They find Major Tsung, who explains the situation: the trap failed. Now, Tsung is the bait. The Yautja attack. Bea's cyborg arm is destroyed. Gant falls in an explosion. In an attempt to escape, Ostermann orders the tea to crank their gravity 'chutes to -5 earth magnetic (it'd be like hitting a brick wall at Mach One, Dancer warned). At headquarters, Dancer looses transmission. They're gone.

Biringham, England. January 30, 1100 hrs. Subotai walk in to see Dancer (security still not a problem for him). He finds Dancer alone in a room with 5 cryo-beds. It's Ostermann's team. They lived, and had their skeletal structure infused with ceramic/titanium polymers, muscle tissue regeneration using high-tensile, carbon-fiber nano-chains. Subotai explains to Dancer that Spearhead goaded the Yautja into changing their tactics. This isn't a hunt ot the Yautja; this is war games. Their attack in Paris was only a test; South America was their upping the ante. It was an attempt to goad Dancer into another attack, but Subotai has an alternative: set up a trap of their own, with him as the long-sought-after bait.

2189 (AvP PC game)

A new research station is established surrounding the Derelict on LV-426. It is later destroyed when its atmosphere processor goes critical, taking the Derelict with it.