Yautja Encyclopedia: History

2227 (Aliens vs Predator: Xenogenesis")

Two carriers took the eggs off-world. The first ship was fine; the second had problems. Panicked SOS communications came from the second ship, the 'cargo' gets loose, then radio silence. The first carrier is ordered to continue home and leave the second ship alone. The Yautja was setting up for a Hunt; the followed the first ship to the research facility. A video feed reveals what happened to the station: some Yautja attacked and herded humans into the vault with the eggs and locked it behind them.

Ford sets Charley by having Hilary organized the entire job of defrauding a rival corporation, but only Charley is arrested.

Sometime after Predator: Xenogenesis (Aliens vs Predator: Xenogenesis")

[-] [-]

WY Prison Colony. During a rest period, Charley tends to herself, reminiscing about her lover Elliot, when another inmate picks a fight with her. She wins, but the guards beat on her.

Earth. Elliot meets his dinner date, Hilary. After a dinner, they return to his apartment. The next morning, he rushes to a meeting with his boss and former step-mother, Ms Ford. She has a job for Elliot, which could get him reunited with Charley. Without telling him what the job is, she tells him to go to a meeting after picking up Charley from the airport.

They rendez-vous with Pierce, Woz, and Elomo who were hired to make sure Charley and Elliot "behave" themselves. They tell the duo to meet them at Miyazanki Station; they take off at 2200 hours. The disks left for them explain the mission: the off-world transport will take them to a bio-tech research facility (they'll need to hack the locks). They're creating military applications from geno-research. They must crack the safe and take the contents. After, Ford would provide a password for a getaway vehicle. As Elliot listens to this debriefing, Charley discovers clues that a female had spent the night with Charley. She assumes he was being unfaithful.

Once the perimeter motions were down, the team enter the research facility, with Aliens waiting in the shadows. Elsewhere, one Yautja battles Aliens, accidentally knocking out main power. The emergency reserves kick in, just an Alien attacks the humans. Pierce kills it. They can't get out, since the place went into lock down after the power outage. Just when they're wondering where the guards are, they find them cocooned with their chests already burst open. When another wave of Aliens come, Elliot and Charley try to separate themselves from the hired gins, but find a vault of already-hatched Alien eggs. It was a physical specimen the hired guns were supposed to retrieve. Elliot begins downloading the computer logs, then he and Charley run while Aliens attack the other three. On the run, Elliot tries to reach Ford, without success.

Meanwhile, the Yautja discovers the remains of the first Alien killed by Pierce. At last reaching Ford, she tells Elliot to email her the files before she provides the escape codes. Elliot, however, plans to only email a few files - enough to prove they have the files, and give the rest after they receive the codes. Unfortunately, Aliens arrive. The hired guns intercept and save them.

Taking them into a room, Elomo is attacked by a facehugger, which she kills. She forces Elliot to send Ford the files, making backups just in case. They watch a video feed of what happened to the station. They also realize the facility isn't a bio-tech plant (no logos). It's a secret research facility. Pierce relates a story told to him by Ostterman, and Otterman's battle with the Yautja. Everything done, they plan to leave Charley and Elliot and take off when the Yautja attacks them. It kills Elomo and Pierce.

An Alien attacks, saving Charley and Elliot from the Yautja. The two run off to try and catch Woz. Charley, however, locks Elliot in the hallway until he tells her the truth about his evening date. He informs her that it was with Hilary, their old friend. Though the rest of the gang was caught, only Charley was arrested. Elliot was trying to find something for her next appeal case. He wanted to get her talking, but she drank too much, threw up, and passed out.

As Woz manages to get out of the facility, Charley admits she believes Elliot's story. Elliot then guessed why the Yautja was in the facility too. Woz gets to the shuttle, but it doesn't accept Fred's password. When Charley and Elliot get outside as well, he forces Elliot to call Ford. Then the Yautja kills Woz. As Charley distracts the Yautja, Ford gives the codes to Elliot. However, in shooting the Yautja, she herded the Yautja into their escape ship. Charley refuses to get in the ship, believing the Yautja isn't dead. They jump off the ship once it cleared the complex.

Charley and Elliot surmised that Ford set Charley up from the start. Yet, though she won't get the files Elliot retrieved, she'd get the Yautja corpse. As a final note, he shows Charley three envelopes that were in the ship, addressed to the hired guns, not them. They weren't expected to finish the job.

Waking up, the Yautja activates his self-destruct just as the ship lands, killing Ford and a few henchmen. Back at her office, W Shaw walks into Ford's old office (and his new one).

(Aliens vs. Predator #0)

As Tom and Scott pilot their way to the Chigusa Corp colony on the planet Ryushi, their instruments registered a power surge. The scanners said that it was metallic, but it was moving too fast to be anything man-made. It was a Yaujta ship; they were again spreading the infestation of Xenomorphs, to hunt them for sport. They have captured a queen, and are preparing the eggs she lays for transport.

Broken Tusk (the leading Yuatja) inspects the weapons his students will use on this training mission. Unfortunately, one of his pupils rebels, and a fight takes place. The victor attempts to claim his prize when Broken Tusk stops him. Broken Tusks stops him, and they fight. Broken Tusk wins. He will have to watch this one.

The batch of eggs land on Ryushi, and the facehuggers find hosts. The Yautja land afterwards, see that the kiande amedha have hatched, and begin their hunt. One Yautja dies, but the rest all claims a trophy. Broken Tusk inspects each kill, then with a broken off kiande amedha finger, engraves his clan symbol on their foreheads.

(Aliens vs. Predator #1-4)


The lives of the colonists at Prosperity Wells, on the planet Ryushi, are tragically shattered as they become part of a "coming of age" ceremony for the Yautja. However, their prey is not the human inhabitants of Ryushi, but rather something far more dangerous-- kiande amedha.

Ryushi is turned into a battleground as the Yautja clash with the vastly superior numbers of the kiande amedha horde--with the few remaining humans caught in the middle fighting both sides! However, when it becomes apparent that the kiande amedha are winning, the humans and the Yautja are faced with a tough choice: trust each other -- or die!

Machiko has a plan to roust all the invaders, but what can she do alone, with only a gun at her side? Machiko's only allies against the kiande amedha horde are a lone Yautja and a man on the brink of death!

Machiko remains on the planet, hoping the Yautja returns. Amongst the handful of other survivors was a young Robert Sheldon, who was born on Ryushi, and he vows to eradicate the Yautja for the death of his parents.

(Aliens: Berserker #1-4):


One year after Aliens vs Predator #1-4.

There's a ship cutting through space like a bullet, its crew a five-man surgical strike team with a single mission: Destroy Aliens! But when the crew members of the Nemesis land smack in the middle of a full-blown hive, they're not sure if it's the answer to their prayers or the beginning of a nightmare!

Terminal 949 carried a crew of nearly a thousand people, and that makes it the biggest hive in history. It would be a touch-and-go situation even with a properly functioning Berserker unit, but their particular slaughter-machine has been showing some problems lately. No back-up, no cavalry, and no hope, but there's one slim chance they can make it out alive -- if they're willing to make the ultimate sacrifice!

The crew face off against the mother of all hives in a barrel-blazing, thermonuclear, blow-out bonanza! Their outer space paradise has been infested, and they unload all they've got to make a clean sweep of the station. But the bugs apparently aren't the only problem in paradise: a traitor walks among them! Can they blow away the bugs and keep the knives out of their backs, or is paradise lost?

It's down to the wire now and with more casualties than firepower, the crew of the Nemesis find themselves hip deep in trouble and watching the next load coming! Their Berserker unit is a slug of cold, dead steel and their only hope lies in the direction they least expect.

(Aliens vs. Predator: War #0-4):

[Machiko Noguchi]

72 hours after Aliens: Beserker.

Machiko Noguchi, a survivor of the colony on Ryushi, is journeying aboard a massive Yautja ship when a freshly caught Lou-dte Kalei (kiande amedha queen) snaps her tethers, destroying all in her path. Unfortunately for her, Machiko is in that path. Then her human ingenuity marked her as an outcast. Now the thrill of the Hunt is over.

Meanwhile, Jesse, Lara, and Ellis, remnants of a bug-hunter team that wiped out an alien infestation in a Company space station, know too many sevrets to be allowed to live. They are being set up by a ruthless ambitious Company boss who will stop at nothing to silence them forever.

The Yautja converge on the seed planet, Bunda, for the biggest bug-hunt yet, each taking position to draw first blood. Machiko, now a full-fledged member of the Yautja clan, is forced into a duel in order to claim her rightful place in the upcoming hunt. However, when Jesse, Lara, and Ellis show up, what began as sport becomes serious business.

Machiko Noguchi abandons her Yautja allies and joins the human survivors. However, perhaps she will reconsider her position when the humans find themselves caught between the ultimate in rocks and hard places! It is the final battle of this all-out war, with the kiande amedha on one side and Yautja on the other, and the out-manned humans hang their only hopes on a fearsome and uncontrollable suit of MAX Berserker armor!

(Aliens vs. Predator: Duel #1-2):

On the ship, Brilliant, the crew is: Captain Glass, Carlson, Cegeletti, Megyesi, France, Bowen, Reed, Sali, Sgt. Lesser, and Lt. Murphy (pilot).

Captain Glass picks up a signal from Ryushi (Sali and the computer are 82% sure it's a distress signal; 99.7% sure it's non-human in origin). Murphy takes them down as Sgt Lesser gets info about Ryushi. The plan is fast insertion, recon and rescue. Otherwise it's body-bag and salvage duty. Megyesi believes it to be xenomorphs, which Reed backs up: they all received the drill, "Acheron Fiasco," at the Academy - that incident also started with a non-human distress call. At touchdown, they search for Machiko Noguchi as Murphy takes takes the ship back into orbit. She will rendez-vous with the team at their next signal, or 1 planet day. (One day is 33 hours, 19 of it double-sun daylight.)

They discover Machiko gone, so hunt for the Yautjas. Every marine across the galaxy knew what to look for. After the "Acheron Fiasco" and a few other incidents, the Corps forced Weyland-Yetani to reveal what they knew about the xenomorphs. The company didn't like it, but wanted marine protection for their colonies. Their computer reconstructions were extremely detailed.

They find a Yautja ship, crashed into a mountainside. They are watched from above by two Yautja. Entering it, the soldiers are attacked by a briar wolf (indigenous). Bowen flips, firing blindly, believing it to be a xenomorph. They find one Yauja alive, unconscious. they prepare to bring it back to Research when Carlson finds the tied-up queen in the back of the ship. Carlson believed it dead, but the queen kills him. The soldiers then kill her. They leave the ship, but Bowen flips again and breaks formation, racing to the ATV. Xenomorphs rise from the sands and kill him. A Yautja with its left hand missing lands in the fray to kill the xenomorphs, and the soldiers use the distraction to get to the ATV. The one-handed Yautja approaches the soldiers and, although Cogeletti offers the hand of friendship, the Yautja kills her. Though he is driven away, a second Yautja jumps them but is killed.

They retreat back to Machiko's place, to use her attenna array to boost a signal past Cygni Minor's interference, to call Murphy in for a dust-off. [-]

A chestburster erupts from the captive Yautja. It's mouth looks just like the Yautja's mouth: a hybrid! The Yautja attacks at that point, watching as Murphy comes in. They blow it up while still in the sky.

The marines retreat to Prosperity Wells, but the hybrid hitches onto the ATV. Since the colony was destroyed, they plant motion detectors 50 yards out, and a row of mines behind them.

After daylight, the hybrid, now an adult, kills Reed. The Yautja arrives, killing Megyeshi. Captain Glass activates the mines, killing one Yautja, but only injuring the other.

Captain Glass and France are running from the hybrid Alien, towards their ATV. When the captain trips, France turns and uses his last three rounds to attack the Alien. He misses, and the Aliens kills France. The Captain uses the distraction and runs

The one-handed Yautja hears the shots France fired and locates Captain Glass just as the hybrid xenomorph does. The hybrid has the upper hand until Glass lends a hand. The hybrid turns to attack him, and the Yautja uses that time to strike, and kills the hybrid. The human and the yautja collapse from exhaust, striking a mutual peace, awaiting rescue.

(Aliens vs. Predator: The Web (DHP #146-147)):

Once they land, Penzier tracks the signal to an orbital factory - salvage scrap alone would be worth a fortune. However, the Xenomorphs kill their pilot, Jude, as well as Penzier before they get inside.

In space, a ship is lost; the navi-comp and exterior sensors are shot. Captain Rebeck and crew have no idea how long they've drifted in hyper-sleep, and they are way off the commercial lanes, since they cannot pick up any navigation markers. They become edgy. The captain and Icart nearly brawl, but Cord breaks it up. The computer picks up a distress beacon, and the Rebeck decides to lock onto it, hoping to replace his fried systems.

Once they land, Penzier tracks the signal to an orbital factory - salvage scrap alone would be worth a fortune. However, the Xenomorphs kill their pilot, Jude, as well as Penzier before they get inside.

A broadcast voice informs them they are safe inside; a pheromone field prevents the Aliens from entering. Inside, the decor is all original, from the oldest estates on earth- quite priceless. They are introduced to Robert Sheldon - but he has transformed himself into a barely human creature that lives in some fluid. The vessel he lives in mimics a spider's image. He has lived here for thirty years, working to extract revenge on the Yautja for their attack on Ryushi. Moreover, he intends to go to war with them.

(Aliens vs. Predator: Booty):

The Colonial Marines have captured a live Lou-dte Kalei (Xenomorph queen)! However, when pirate Yautja attack the Marines, even the toughest fighters in the galaxy might not be able to hold on to her! Enter Evie, Shel, and Norley, three ordinary, if well-armed, human beings that are caught in the ensuing crossfire. When they realize that they are just extras in the big battle scene, it may be too late to escape from the savagery of either the kiande amedha or the Yautja!

(Aliens/Predator: Deadliest of the Species):

[Aliens/Predator: Deadliest of the Species]

In a skyliner high above the Xenomorph-contaminated Earth, Caryn Delacroix (the beautiful trophy-consort of corporate magnate Lucien Delacroix) cannot sleep. Terrifying images of pursuit, disfigurement, and bloody death have invaded her peaceful dreams and her safe and privileged world. However, she soon discovers that nightmares do come true. There are fates worse than death, as a Predator comes to call.

Caryn finds herself playing a deadly game of cat-and-mouse as she is stalked by the fearsome Yautja. Yet, did the mysterious super-computer, TOY, construct this -- or is it just a lethal virtual reality scenario? Unfortunately, Caryn does not have time to figure out the answer - she is too busy scrambling for her life. As if the Yautja were not enough of a threat, in her bid for escape Caryn comes face-to-face with a kiande amedha horde.

Safely back in her deluxe home in the skies, Caryn is still plagued by nightmares in which Yautja and kiande amedha abound, all of them intent on destroying her. The problem is, the nightmares are proving to be "Virtually Real".

Caryn discovers that she's been lied to, and the Yautja she assumed was a figment of her own tortured imagination is quite real -- and being held captive on board her husband's skyliner. In a desperate bid for escape, the Yautja forces Caryn to choose between her safe home in the skies versus an uneasy alliance with the fearsome creature.

With the ailing Yautja in tow, Caryn leaves the many deceptions of her former sheltered life behind. Then, she falls into the hands of rogues scheming to kidnap her, forced to undergo another genetic transformation, and sell her on the black market. Meanwhile, the Yautja makes life rough for the other inhabitants of Space Station Samara. However, everyone is in for some rude awakenings when they discover that one of the space station's inhabitants is a Lou-dte Kalei (Xenomorph queen)! Caryn, having escaped the black-market profiteers, takes off through the corridors of Samara in search of her sometime ally, the Yautja. Trapped in a kiande amedha nest, Caryn fights for her life and identity against the raging memories trapped inside her genetically perfect body and the former allies who want her dead. TecSeks, Xenomorph-killer robots, are loose inside the poorly defended station, already overwhelmed by its search for a Yautja, which means no back up for the others trapped in the hive. To save them, Caryn prepares herself for the ultimate sacrifice...

Deep in the heart of the space station, Caryn and the team of soldiers sent to hunt her have one way out -- the Yautja ship in which Caryn came to the station. In a station without gravity, rapidly losing all atmosphere, all that lies between them and freedom is a vicious horde of Xenomorph-killer robots, and one Lou-dte Kalei. Will Caryn's strange transformation be their salvation or their death?

They leave to find the source of the deadly Tecsek raid that decimated Samara Station with a Lou-dte Kalei on board. On the way, the transformed Caryn Delacroix and the Yautja "Big Mama" put the other humans through the deadliest training they will ever face -- a series of brutal tests designed to turn them into the fiercest hunters in the universe.

Caryn is lost in a virtual world with her arch-rival, Bobby DeMatier. They jump from the old west to distant planets to the crime-ridden streets of 1920s America. Both are locked in a battle for possession of Toy: the living computer that controls the skyliner spacecraft and the architect of their dreams.

Elsewhere on the ship, Shirow and DeMedici search for the cause of the Xenomorph takeover. As the clues unravel, their suspicions lead them to a betrayal that is closer than they would like it to be. All this, plus the debut of a brand-new Xenomorph hybrid!

(Aliens vs Predator Annual 1 Lefty's Revenge):

"The Outpost" is where people sell ill-gotten goods - technology mostly, away from the ever-present eyes of the Company. Unfortunately, someone tried to deal Kiande Amedha eggs on the Black Market. By the time Brea arrived, everyone was dead. She hurriedly scavenged for ammo and parts for her ship: a Yautja is chasing her.

She called him Lefty because she somehow took out his left eye. She also wear his wrist pad that stores his auto-destruct device. She thinks Lefty is chasing her because he is a "sore loser."

Four kiande amedha attack Brea in plain sight, which she takes as a sign the Outpost is thoroughly infested. She kills three, but the fourth knocks her down, and moves in for the kill.

Lefty, meanwhile, is surrounded by at least nine kiande amedha, and faring well with only a smart disk. He sees Brea, and carves his way to her, saving her life. She almost feels bad for cheating him.

Barely a moment later, they are attacked again. Brea makes her way to her ship as Lefty is pinned to the ground. Yet Brea cannot leave: she has a conscience attack. She removes his auto-destruct device and tosses it to him, then leaves as Lefty regains his feet and continues his attack.

Brea figures she has seconds before the device goes off, and she speeds away from the Outpost... but the explosion never comes. She lingers in orbit, waiting. Did the Yautja die by kiande amedha talons before he could activate the detonator? Did his code of honor prevent him from doing it?

She leaves, believing in some way Lefty survived -- which meant he would be after her. Moreover, she is without that detonator!

(Aliens vs Predator Annual 1 Hell-Bent):

Charon-13 is a desolate rimworld in a forgotten system. A geo-thermal processing station, PS-3, was built on it to siphon energy from the planet's core, more than five miles straight down. A human crew of 18 was stationed there one week ago. Three still survived: Jasmine, Kenner, and Dawn Marshall.

On PS-3, Jasmine (oriental) and Kenner seek out Dawn Marshall, who has been cocooned on the wall by kiande amehda. She has already been impregnated with an embryo. They also find a Yautja cocooned there, a facehugger still wrapped around its face. They remove it, but leave the Yautja stuck there as the three humans make their escape.

The Yautja awakens shortly afterwards, and frees himself. He is still weak. Looking around, he finds his smart disk nearby, also cocooned on the wall. He then returns to his ship to grab his helmet and naginata (spear).

The three humans fend off three kiande amedha, heading toward the main complex; the hive is below it. The shuttle appears to be clean from there, the system is up, but there are only manual controls for the docking clamps.

The Yautja follows the same path as the humans, but goes below to the hive and is immediately besieged by four kiande amedha.

Marshall decides to stay behind to release the docking clamps. She is carrying an embryo, so she is already as good as dead. She can hear the Yautja's plasma cannon below her. She guesses he came for the sport, draw in by PS-3's distress signal, but was simply overwhelmed, cocooned, and impregnated.

Over the Comm, she listens as her two comrades are attacked by kiande amedha - the shuttle was infested too.

In the middle of his battle, the Yautja begins to feel the chestburster moving, and falls to his knees in pain. A kiande amedha is about to kill him in his distraction when Marshal open fires on it.

The Lou-dte Kalei (kiande amedha queen), scrambles up the siphon shaft of PS-3 from planet-side. The Yautja immediately attacks her, a mixture of vindication, vengeance, and for an honorable death. They fall over the edge and into the core of the planet.

Marshall begins setting up the self-destruct aboard the PS-3. After a few explosions, she begins to feel the chestburster stirring as well. But is too late...

(Aliens vs Predator Annual 1 Pursuit):

Captain Lotus Hernandez had long heard of rumors of an alien species that hunted men for sport. She had always thought them campfire tales, told by old soldiers…

Captain Lotus Hernandez is before the board of Inquiry of the Adelade and Bombay Holding Alliance, her arm in a cast. She is instructed to explain the events that took place on the planet LK176, resulting in the loss of her entire unit...

Captain Hernandez's team was one of several designated to reacquiring Eloise. Lotus received a report of squatters on LK176 who fit the profile, and her team scrambled ASAP.

LK176 was well chosen, a grade-nine colony world. Heavy tropical environment. Perfect for guerilla warfare. Lotus anticipated resistance.

She discovered the colonists slung up by their heels from the treetops, their larynxes crushed to prevent their calling out, but alive nonetheless. Unfortunately, they were bait.

A group of Yuatja, six in number, fell from the treetops and attacked her troops. They were butchered like cattle. Lotus had to empty an entire magazine clip to dispatch the Yautja attacking her. Then she realized they were nothing to the Yautja. This trap, this bait, was meant for Eloise. They hunted her as well.

Eloise and her Xenomorphs attacked the Yautja first. They ran with Eloise like a pack of dogs, more by instinct than command. As the three remaining Yautja retreats, Lotus went for a disabling shot at Eloise, leaving her primary processor intact. Eloise reacts with lightning speed, however, knocking the gun from Lotus's hand, breaking her arm in the process.

Eloise lets the captain live, to deliver a message: she wants to be left alone, to not be pursued mercilessly from system to system (which is how they crossed paths with the Yautja). Eloise is sick of running. If another unit is sent after her, she will consider it an act of war - a war the company could not win.

"And sir," Captain Lotus Hernandez concludes, "I believe her."

(Aliens vs Predator Annual 1 Chained To Life and Death):

The Elder Yautja aspired to be like the Kiande Amedha, all-consuming savagery. None had completed more hunts than he had. None had slain more Kiande Amedha. He has studied them, tried to think like them. He knew better than any other did. Therefore, he became the Master, with the laurels of an entire world laid before him. However, such exalted status demands to be constantly proven in a society where all must improve their position in their pack, or die.

Thus, he embarked on one final, glorious hunt - although he was well aware that he was growing past his prime. He had been hunting a Kiande Amedha: his totem, his soul animal.

The stalking had gone well on the distant, toxic planet. The Kiande Amedha had been cornered before he even sensed his presence. He had predicted the whipping tail, but his reactions came a second too late. The creature struck as the Elder impaled it. For the first time, his reflexes had failed him. This kill would not be clean...

He regains consciousness. "Memory, total alertness, and a canny appraisal of his situation all returned in a split-second flash of insight -- deadly, efficient survival instincts meshing in perfect sync with the cold, calm intelligence that marks the most successful predator of predators."

The Elder aims his plasma cannon at the Kiande Amedha. After a thought, he alters his aim, striking instead the rock formation the creature was impaled onto. The creature, though writhing in agony and suffering mortal wounds, still crawled from the ruble toward the Elder.

The Yautja then realizes how dissimilar he is to the beast, that his notions, his theories, meant nothing.

His day had passed, and rather than the degrading, inevitable slide down his warrior-caste society, he had chosen a noble death, in a Hunt. Yet, his prey could not understand his decision. It made his nobility meaningless. It was not the death the Elder wanted.

2389+ (Aliens vs. Predator vs. The Terminator)

[Aliens vs. Predator vs. The Terminator]

Annalee Call, Voorman, and a few others manage to track down Ellen ripley to a place "where sewage goes to die". Analee thought she and Ripley would stick together once they returned to Earth. Call is doing okay on her own. Ripley has gone completely to seed. She's constantly on the lam, doing whatever she can to stay away from the military. She's moved beyond being afraid of the Aliens. She realizes if they get her, she's dead, and that's it. But the military has power over her. They've cloned her. They can do all sorts of terrible things to her and she is going to live on and come back again in some other tortured form. She even admits to Call that she almost didn't sign up for the run on the Nostromo.

The military extra-bioloical projects team are cnducting experiments. Call's moles have uncovered a Circle 7 Bio-Engineering Project in proccess on a military space station, the Typhoon. Circle 7 security is so deep only sketchy details were available: Dr Trollenberg is leading a team in developing a hybrid super-soldier, harvesting DNA of linguafoeda Archeronsis, aka Aliens -- the same technology that ressurected Ripley.

On Typhoon, Dr Fennick delivers to Doctor Trollenberg the Theta Compound his team had completed. General Helm then interupts, angry the doctor has strayed from the approved game plan and got compounds from unauthorized sources. He tells Trollenberg he is shotting down the project, and the doctor kills Helm and two armed guards. In the process, Trollenberg is revealed to be an android. Tossing the corpses into an acid vat, he assues Helm's voice and informs the bridge that Helm will remain in the lab for the remainder of the project.

Call has been able to get schematics of the Typhoon's systems - crew rosters, operating schedules, troop compliments, and supply manifests. She has managed to get her crew placed as food caterers to access Typhoon, but they need Ripley to guide the, since it may involve Aliens. Despite her better judgement (Call blackmails her into it), Ripley complies to help.

Meanwhile, a Yautja ship approaches Typhoon - piloted by an experienced hunter, since he has both an Alien an a human skull amidst his trophies.

Call's team approaches the Typhoon aboard the SCS-10097 "Carthage". Their approved caterer's route would take them by corridor Praxus 999, a direct conduit to Circle 7 labs. Reching that corridor, they kill the guards, blow the lab doors, and proceed inside.

Aboard the bridge, meanwhile, they detect a bogey approaching the station at decelerating sublight speed, and then it disappeared. It's confirmed it was not a solar cloud. The lieutenant orders to alert telemetry to keep watch on it.

Back at the lab, Trollenberg open fires on Call's team, killing Echo and Saud before they realize they are fighting an android. Ripley attempts to rush the android, but is caught in its vice-like hand. The appearance of the cloaked Yautja saves Ripley by killing the android and leaving for the lab. Only Call was able to see what happened. Yet the Yautja is tossed back at Call's team by a Terminator-Alien hybrid!

The Yautja and the Terminator fight. The Yautja blasts the Terminator with his shoulder cannon. It doesn't even phase the Terminator, merely knocks it back. Grabbing a metal apparatus, it absorbs it. The android gains the upper hand and rips off the Yautja's left arm at the shoulder. It then absorbs the metal from an exterior bulkhead, causing a hole to form. The Yautja, without his mask, is sucked into space.

This cuts Call and her team off from the lab-section escape pod, their Alpha escape vehicle. Forced to return to the Carthage, they discover the Typhoon is deserted.

Meanwhile, the Terminator takes a handful of chestbursters in canisters and enters the escape pod TPN-0017.

The Carthage escapes just as the Typhoon explodes. Call connects to Trollenberg's android skull to learn what is happening.

Meanwhile, the Terminator disects the spinal cord of a chestburster and plans to transfer it into a Terminator on the operation table. [Aliens vs. Predator vs. The Terminator]

Elsewhere, Call couldn't access Trollenberg's memory, but instead activated a sleeper virus implanted by John Conner, warning her about Skynet. However, the Carthage is surrounded by three Yautja ships. They disable the Carthage's power, board it, and search the ship. When they approach Ripley, they discover what she is (a human/alien hybrid) and abduct her; Call presumes for the same reason she wanted Ripley - she knows aliens.

The TPN-oo17 pod is picked up by a passing vessel. Immediately, the Alpha Terminator demands to see the commanding officer.

Aboard the Yautja ship, Ripley quickly learns of the relationship between the Aliens and her captors. However, a Yautja carries her to a table, straps her down, and prepares for surgery.

Aboard the Navy heavy-cruiser Euphrates, Captain Usher expresses his dislike of the androids, since they've asked to be transported to a security-level-4 asteroid (named Los Alamos 235), and it was confirmed by Section 13. however, a last-second supspace message countermands that confirmation. The androidss return to their ship and cast off, into the bridge. Emerging from the ship, they beginning killing humans.

Call explains to her teammates that the Yautja took Ripley because within her Alien DNA is a genetic memorhy pool, and they plan to use it to lead them to more aliens, because the androids will need them for more raw material. Fortunately, Call knows where they are going.

Ripley awakes from the surgery with a scar below her left ear. A Yautja brings her into a room where all the Yautja stand at attention. She is shown Los Alamos 235, and remembers it through her Alien DNA.

The Terminators arrive in the Euphrates at the asteroid. Using Captain Usher's voice, the Alpha Terminator gain access into docking, but ram into the bridge room, disrupting life support.

Ripley becomes the focus of a ceremonial rite, making her part of the Yautja warrior clan. They don't care for her human side, but they respect and approve of the Alien within her.

The Terminators gain access to the lab, where large number of Aloen drones are immersed in glass containers with liquid.