Yautja Encyclopedia: Locales


"The entire Earth is but a point, and the place of our own habitation but a minute corner of it."

- Marcus Aurelius, 2 A.D.

American National Pictures, Hollywood (Earth) (Predator: Invaders from the 4th Dimension)

The company that Richard Flynn worked for in 1959. They released his "4-D" movie, Invaders from the 4th Dimension: the characters on the screen can't see a creature, but the viewers can.

Balancan, Canta Mana (Earth) (Predator: movie)

A thatch hut fishing village becomes a front for the US Army in 1977.

There is no rainfall from June until at least the third week of September 1987. A Yautja lands nearby and begins hunting. General Philips calls in Dutch Schaefer and his team to deal with the situation.

Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana (Earth) (Predator: Strange Roux)

A Yautja hunts in Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana in July 1931.

Belgium (Earth) (Predator: Bloody Sands of Time)

The Yautja were hunting amidst World War 1.

Bengal, India (Earth) (Predator: Nemesis)

A Yautja hunts in Bengal, India in 1881. Edward Soames is the only survivor.

The Big Cypress Penitentiary, Everglades (Earth) (Dark Horse Presents #46)

One Yautja hunts here on August 10, 1926, and though he kills several humans, he spares one who had ensnared himself. "Ain't much sport in it."

Birmingham, England (Earth) (Predator: Xenogenesis)

Birmingham is the capital of England. Everything relocated when London was flooded. Global warming has changed the world's geography and temperature. Whitehall, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace - all thirty meters under water.

About a century ago, Birmingham was extensively renovated, became a terrible concrete nightmare. It also saw vast underground bunkers and workspaces built house government and the nations treasures. Nuclear war was a very possible threat back then.

Bradilovo, Bulgaria (Earth) (AvP: Annual #1 -- "Old Secrets")

Saint George came to this here to convert it to Christianity, but encountered both an Alien and a Predator.

Buhl III (Aliens: Xenogenesis)

Backwater planet between Earth and Salazar VII. Sakada was stranded here following a malfunction in the hyper drive of his starship. Sakada was later implicated in a murder plot, but then found innocent. A supposed alien infestation was suspected on Buhl III, but was later disproved.

Clay County, Missouri (Earth) (Predator: Hell Come A' Walkin')

May, 1863. Jesse, Sarah, John a nd their parents are assaulted by Yankees because his brother, Frank, and "known Confederate guerrillas" set fire to a barn belonging to a farmer loyal to the Union.

Cobola County, New Mexico (Earth) (Predator: Big Game)

1988. A Yautja hunts at the nearby Army base. Though the base is destroyed after the Army captures the Yautja's ship, the army still manage to kill the Yautja.

El Malpais (Earth) (Predator: Big Game)

Nayenengani is the monster slayer, one of the hero twins. He plays a very important part in the night way. Without him, we cannot dispel the adilgashii, or the evil it brings. It takes many days of chants to banish the witch. The people must have help of the yataali (medicine man) in this difficult task, just as the yataali needs the help of Nayenengani, or he will not succeed. Their struggle helped form El Malpais.

Fort Douaumont (Earth) (Predator: Bloody Sands of Time)

The Yautja were hunting amidst World War 1.

Fleener Creek, Oregon (Earth) (Predator: Kindred)

In 1958 a Yautja arrived. In defending his 8-year-old son, Budy Wilcox, the father ends up being beheaded by the Yautja.

In 1988 another Yautja arrives and begins to hunt.

Hollywood (Earth) (Predator: Invaders from the 4th Dimension)

A Yautja came to Hollywood to Hunt, but Tommy Anderson manages to steal some flash grenades. The Yautja tracks down Tommy, takes his grenades, and leaves.

Jakarta (Earth) (Predator: Xenogenesis)

Dancer had been impaled to a stone wall by a Yautja, but Subotai saved him.

Konza, Kenya (Earth) (Predator: Race War)

A Yautja hunts human game hunters.

London, England (Earth) (Predator: Nemesis)

In 1896 the exclusive and powerful Diogenes Club summons Captain Edward Soames of the British army to hunt down "Spring-heeled Jack" (a Yautja). As Mycroft Holmes tells Captain Soames, "London is the very heart of the Empire. An empire such as the world has never seen before, encompassing an area one quarter the size of the globe. An event - any event - affecting this city has repercussions throughout that empire. It is the duty of this committee to ensure that nothing - nothing - be permitted to threaten the stability of either this city or the Empire it controls."

After 2024, Birmingham becomes the capital of England (Predator: Xenogenesis).

Malaysia, Earth (Predator: movie)

J.S. Davis is on a secret mission to Malaysia in 1979.

New York (Earth) (Predator: Concrete Jungle)

A group of Yautja hunt in NYC 1989, but Rasche and Schaefer put an end to it.

Nicaragua (Earth) (Predator: Captive)

Falkner was running a contra training camp when a Yautja fragged his entire command in 1984.

Odebenus Station (AvP PC Game)

A commercial station of the same design as Gateway Station. Odebenus was the testing site for new prototype defense systems made by Weyland-Yutani, including Xenoborgs.

Ozark Mountains (Earth) (Hell Come A' Walkin')

Somewhere near the Missouri-Armansis border.

September, 1863. A group of Rebels and Yankees are forced to work together to kill a Yautja before it kills them.

Paloverde State Penitentiary (Earth) (Predator: Race War)

The Yautja hunts other killers. The inmates kill the Yautja, and a covert team almost get the body but other Yautja reach it first.

Paris, France (Earth) (Predator: Bloody Sands of Time)

The Yautja were hunting amidst World War 1.

Prosperity Wells (Ryushi) (AvP, AvP: Duel)

The 3-year-old colony, named Prosperity Wells, has a population of 1,029. The inhabitants are peaceful ranchers-- men and women who lead simple lives.

The corporation's employee's living quarters were all in the same building as the offices and mess hall; narrow passages connected this building to the equipment storage and main garage.

It has a med center with a helipad; there were quarantine and holding pens for rhynth, a transmitter/communications control stack, and a school connected to a rec center. Small shopping mall has two tiny restaurants and a bar.

Weapons compliment: 27 scatter guns, 10 pistols earmarked for a police force that had never been, 6 old fashioned flare guns, and a few hunting rifles and handguns.

Roanoke (Earth) (Decade of Dark Horse #1)

Roanoke was a colony off the shore of North America, in which every person vanished without a trace between the time of its founding (1587) and the return of the expedition's leader (1590). In hopes of securing permanent trading posts for Britain, Sir Walter Raleigh had initiated explorations of the islands off North Carolina as early as 1584. Because of the Indian threat, the first Raleigh-sponsored settlement on Roanoke Island lasted only a short period (1585-86). The next year approximately 100 settlers under Governor John White attempted to colonize the same site. Returning to England for supplies, White was delayed by the Spanish Armada. By the time he got back to the island in August 1590, everyone had vanished. The only trace of the "lost colony" was the word Croatoan carved on one tree and the word Cro on another. The group may have been annihilated by hostile Indians, but there is just as valid speculation that it may have moved among a friendly tribe.

In any event, the mystery of the "lost colony" has never been solved. It is speculated that the Yautja were the ones who hunted the people of the colony out of existence, because of the gun the Yautja had that was dated 1715.

Ryushi (AvP, AvP: Duel; AvP: War)

Ryushi has dual suns, and has a 19-hour day. Even after sundown, the heat rarely falls below body temperatures. the air is always bone-dry and feverish winds occassionally blow, sharp and unpleasant. The planet has artificial water holes.

It has towering plateaus running in corridors throughout the basin, proving that once water flowed on the planet. to the east and south was open range; the north, mountains; west was Iwa Gorge - a canyon too deep and long to herd the rhynth. Beriki Canyon is one of the primary runs for the majority of the herds.

Animal life consists of: stinging flies, poisonous snakes, particularly lethal form of a scorpion, briar-wolves, and jack-lizards.

Armored firewalkers: the females were rosy brown; the males are smaller and a faded grey. both have short, pointed snouts.

Rhynth look like rhinos, slightly bigger with mottled purple and ocher skin. They walked on stumpy, oddly jointed legs that ended in nailed pads. They have hooked, beak like mouths above which was a pair of in-line horns. The greater horn is a wrist-thick and sharp cone that jutted straight up in front. The lesser horn was smaller and angled slightly backward.

Serengetti (Earth) (Predator: Jungle Tales)

A Yautja hunts in the Serengetti on August 16-20, 1936.

Sudanese Embassy (Earth) (Predator: movie)

September 1987. Dutch Schaefer's team blew the entry points on three floors and neutralized seven terrorists in 10 seconds flat. The terrorists didn't even have time to call in their demands. The event didn't even make the news at all.

Tokyo, Japan (AvP: Eternal)

Circa 1358, Li Yat Sen conned mountain villagers. When he was driven out of the city, he witnessed a Yautja ship crash.

Tuscon, Arizona (Predator: Race War)

A human takes credit for a Yautja's kills to get fame in prison. The Yautja kills the human just after the human arrives in the Paloverde State Penitentiary. The Yautja remains there, hunting other killers. The inmates kill the Yautja, and a covert team almost get the body but other Yautja reach it first.

Verdun (Earth) (Predator: Bloody Sands of Time)

The Yautja were hunting amidst World War 1.

Viet Nam (Earth) (Predator: Bloody Sands of Time)

The Yautja were hunting amidst the Viet Nam War.

Yamal Peninsula, Siberia (Predator: Cold War)

A Yautja ship crash landed here. They are forced to fix their ship amidst the cold, but Dutch Schaefer and Lt Ligachev prevent them from slaughtering all the humans.