Yautja Encyclopedia: Yautja List

- Dachande (AvP, Avp: War)

See Yeyinde.
- The Yautja ship, Ne'dtesei (Aliens vs Predator)

The leader was Yeyinde, known also by his nickname, Dachande - "Broken Tusk".

Yeyinde's blooded warriors were; Skemte (navigator) and Warkha (flyer). Each carried Yeyinde's mark on their forehead, and each sought their own leadership.

The students aboard the ship were:

- The Yautja ship, 'Shell' (AvP: Hunter's Planet TPB)

The total crew numbered 7 -- 4 students, 1 leader, 2 adjutants

- "Spring-heeled Jack" (Predator: Nemesis) [Spring-heeled Jack]

A Yautja who hunted in London, England, 1896. He is killed by Captain Edward Soames.

When his ship was discovered underground, Thackery refused to believe it was a flying craft - it had no wings - but rather some sort of submarine. Thus, he believes the "Spring-Heeed Jack" is an agent provocateur for a foreign power sent to destabilize the British Empire.

- Yeyinde (aka Dachande) (AvP, Avp: War) [Yeyinde]

Yeyinde was known also by his nickname, Dachande - "Broken Tusk", refering to his left lower tusk, broken in a bare-handed fist against an Alien queen. He was the son and grandson of ship leaders and warrior trainers. He bowed to no one in his skill with blade or burner. His training focused on blade and simple unarmed combat. Philosophy was not his bent.

He has never hunted humans, though his trophy wall on the homeworld held six Alien skulls, bleached and clean, including the Queen he had killed with his bare hands (and so got his nickname), taken in a hunt in which nine already-blooded warriors had died.

He had sired 73 suckers since becoming Blooded.

His pre-warrior days; he thought he had known everything, was the bravest Yautja ever born and ready to prove it at the slightest provocation. One instance, a younger male had glanced at him with what Yeyinde thought an inappropriate demeanor, had allowed that gaze to linger a quarter second longer than he deemed respectful. He stepped forward to issue a claw-challenge, but a female knocked him sprawling while going about her business. by the time he had recovered, both the female and the insolent youth were gone.

At his Blooding, his Leader was 'A'ni-de. He was hunting with his brother, Nei'hman'de. Yeyinde had killed two Aliens, but his brother was killed.