This is NOT Renato's Homepage

Last Updated: 21/5/01

Welcome to my NON webpage.  As you may know... I'll be in Japan soon, and this may very well be where I write up news of my experiences -- a kinda of "Renato's Japan Story".  If there is no update to this site by late  September, then I'm either dead, or just having way too much fun to care.  In the meantime, take a look at the old Stirling page.  Hai, douzo.

Last Updated: 7/9/01

In uni and it's prettty good so far... more info soon to come.

28th of April 2007: Man, how time flies. Yeah, I'm still alive, now in Kyoto. Geocities told me that if I didn't update SOMETHING on this page they would have a fit and trash the entire thing, so here you go. I'm thinking of setting up a blog or something soon anyway. Seez yas laterzz!!

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