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Finally, my high school life is coming to an end... it's sad because this summer might be the last time I see so many of my good friends. I had a really good time at Massey and I hope that our friendship will remain the same after we get into different universities. For my friends who are going to U of T, we'll get together again like we always have, and for my friends who are going to different universities, Waterloo, for example (listen N****), I have no idea how much I'm going to miss you guys... Probably so much that I won't get used to my new life at U of T for a while. We'll keep in touch for sure and I'm pretty sure I'll see you guys once in a while. Anyways, before it gets too cheezy, I'll end my graduation talk right here. So, I left this site alone for too long, it's about the time I shall change it. I have two things to tell you before you look around at my site.

First of all, I do have a clue what's this website is all about. It is dedicated to people for learning Japanese!! So this is the main theme of my page.

Second of all, I'm so sick of the koalas on the background, so I'm changing them to whales instead of koalas, until I find a better animal. (It's not that I don't like koalas anymore, it's just the background was too distracting.) I know that the Pooh and whale and koala don't match, but let's just be patient.. And I'm also thinking of changing all the photographs in my photo gallery..(again, I got sick of them..)

Anyways, there's only few weeks left before the school starts! Enjoy the summer...

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