Hi, and welcome to our homepage! This page is made by us, the Zhang Family. Please help yourself and look around. Click on anything that might amuse you. Our daughter, Mindy, has done much of the work on this site, so we give her a lot of the credit! Thanks Mindy!

The Zhang House Online

The Living Room- Hear the latest news on our family in this online living room!

The Dining Room- Settle down in this quiet and calming room. There's lots of very quiet and still looking things here just for your pleasure.

The Kitchen- Look for some great recipes here! Sorry, we don't have any recipes now, but if you're kind enough, please send us one of your great recipes! Thank you very much!

The Music Room- Learn about our family's music experiences!

The Den- This is a comfy room! Make yourself at home here! This room is where Mindy and Andy play in. Play some fun games and try some other fun stuff as well.

The Study Room- Here's some links on HTML and many very useful search engines. There are also some study sites for kids recommended by Mindy.

Shawn's Room- In our real house, Shawn and Helen share the same room, but here, we made seperate sites. Shawn's site has lots of stuff on stock and such.

Helen's Room- Helen's room is quite comforting, a place much like the dining room.

Mindy's Room- Mindy's Room is the very first site in the Zhang Family's Online House so it is much much more popular. Mindy is the only one in our family who knows HTML and we are quite proud of her and her accomlishments with HTML since she is only 11 years old.

Andy's Room- Mindy is in charge of Andy's site. Thanks Mindy for your care on Andy's page! Andy is way to young to understand anything about computers because he's not even born yet!!!

Our Family Bible- Our family is Christian so we dedicate this page to Jesus Christ.

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