Okay, I got this HUGE survey chain letter thing. I thought it was REALLY stupid at first, but then I realized that I could use it for my about me page!

*Basic Info*

Name: Mindy
Age: 12
Birthday: July 20th
Birthplace: Beijing, China *Kinda faraway, huh?*
Location right now: Pennsylvania, USA
Hair Color: TOTALLY black**But I want red highlights soo bad!
Eye color: deep brown
Height: 4'10"
Marital Status: *single*
Birth Stone: Ruby *it's also my school team name*
Horoscope sign: Cancer >--^_^--< (does that look nething like a crab?)
Hobbies: surfing the net, web design, watching tv, shopping, stamp collecting (lame isn't it? I need better hobbies.)

Color: pink pink pink! *u can sorta tell by looking @ the site*
Food: sweet and sour chicken...chinese of course
Resturaunt: The Olive Garden...and the Grand Buffet of course!
Boy Band: O*Town
Gurl Group: 3LW
Singer: Mandy Moore and J*Lo
School subject: science and algebra (i'm good @ algebra but i like science better)
Ice-cream flavor: french vanilla or cookies*n*cream
Potato chip flavor: cool ranch
Clothing brands: Limited Too, Aeropostale
Store: DEB, Limited Too, Claire*s
Book: A Wrinkle In Time
Author: ??
Movie: Miss Congeniality (did I spell dat right?)
Actress: Drew Barrymore, Gwenyth (spelled right?) Paltrov
Actor: Ryan Phillippe and Josh Harnet^^
Place2B: a mansion
Holiday: Xmas and my b-day of course!
Day of the week: Friday *all the good showz r on*

*A or B*
Vanilla/Chocolate: B... unless it's *french* vanilla =o)
Catz/Dogz: A
Italian/Chinese: ooo... hard decision, but B of course
AIM/Phone: AIM
Phone/Face2Face: umm..depends
Princess/Angel: Princess..duh!
blue/purple: blue*
pink/purple: pink.....!!!
French/Hollywood kiss: wat??
Sappy/Action/Comedy/Horror: c
Tea or coffee: B...well, kinda depends what kind
Rain/shine: B
Night/day: B
Gloves/Mittens: A
Cake/Pie: wat kind of pie?
Diamonds/Pearls: diamonds.. a girl's best friend!
Shaken/stirred: B... too much foam when shaken
Taco/burrito: B *so much less messy2eat*
Sunset/sunrise: A---yeah, as if I would watch the sunrise @4:00 in the morning
Crushed/cubed: what??
Showers/bath: A...saves water
Lipgloss/lipstick: A I guess

*Have U Ever..*
Kissed some1: depends what u mean by that
Felt guilty: yeah
Flunked a subject: as if!
Skipped a grade: I wish
Flunked a grade: No way
Had every1 4get about ur b-day: No!
Experience a death with a family member/friend: no *lucky me*
Gotten straight As: yeah
Gotten into a car crash: yes *o*
Cursed: no--- said a curse word, yes
Eaten something REALLY gross: something REALLY gross--- no
Done something really silly and stupid: yes hasn't everyone

Do You...
Bite your nails: yeah, 24/7!
Consider cheerleading as a sport: yeah i guess
Think that someone twice your age is hot: yeah, lotsa people are twice my age (twice my age=24.. hahaha)