***Mindy's Buddies***

Okay, here's a list of all my great friends!!! Don't get mad if you're my friend and you're not on my list, okay? Just tell me and I'll add it ASAP. Well, that's all!!

  • Tina Chen
  • Jenny Zhao
  • Angela Nguyen
  • Lia Fretz
  • Michelle Fore
  • Shelly Gu
  • Carlee Wilson
  • Nicole Sorgini
  • Sabrina Stolarz
  • Osanna (Sorry Osanna, I don't really know ur last name)
  • Eilly Yang
  • Abby Hochman
  • Alison Carter
  • Gwen Williams
  • Blaine Beshah
  • Kerry Costlow
  • Kerry Liska
  • Emily Stiles
  • Tara Tripp
  • Sara (Sorry Sara, I don't know ur last name either)
  • Marie P.
  • Okay, that's all I can think of right now. I'll add more once I can think of more.

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