Who the hell is Gurdas?

I crash landed on 21 December 1976 in a town called Jamshedpur in India. It took me quite some while to come to terms with the world around me! Even today I find humans to be delightfully unpredictable. Contrary to all expectations (specially mine) my neurons kept firing and, in 2001, I graduated as Bachelor of Engineering  in Instrumentation from
SLIET. In 2001, and then again in 2002, I attended  the Youth Environmental Summit to learn about sustainable development and the need to re-think our goals. The YES is now known as the Youth Encounter on Sustainability (they are of the first kind though) ;-)

Currently I am employed with
Quantum Age as the General Manager (Engineering Solutions). My profile involves adopting new technology to provide innovative and robust computer based automation and measurement solutions, driving sales of existing products and managing a team of varied professionals.

Contact Info:
Email >
Name > Gurdas Singh Sandhu
Phone > +91-9426079593
Country > India

At the outskirts of my hometown Jamshedpur (India, 2006)

Hobbies and Interests:
My hobbies include reading about hobbits and quarks. I also stare at books on science & technology, philosophy, and development issues.
I love biking and am prone to "mid-night drive" syndrome.
I believe that the universe is mine even though I own nothing.
I write poetry that is difficult to understand (not because it is good).
I like city life because it reminds me of the mountains and bubbling brooks.
I love making pictures with my camera because I get to express how I see the world around me.

Friends and Family:
My family is my best friend and my friends are my extended family.

My family hails from a village called Sahnewal in Punjab (India) and presently they live in Jamshedpur (India). My parents (Harnek and Jaswant) are upright, strong individuals who have lived by strict principles. It is from them that I have learnt that all of life's philosophy can be summed in two words: Truth and Love.
I have a brother (Paramjit) and a sister (Karamjit) who are both married and have been blessed with lovely kids.

My friends are the most important wealth I have earned. They keep showing me the mirror and ensure I remain in touch with reality.

I have been lucky to have always had a shoulder to lean on when needed. God bless all those who love me. The rest he may bless if he so desires!

Parting Thought:
".... Backwards understood be only can but, forwards lived be must Life"
       - Kierkegaard Soren