gurdjieff IS EVIL!!!!!

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The crimes of gurdjieff againts humanity shall not go unpunished!! :P :P :P :P

Be warned: The following stories may be a very sad and disterbing. Do not say that i did not warn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i do think that every one must hear it all.

For those among who are not yet aware of this fact, gurdjieff was a so called 'philosopher' who lived in Greace in BC times. You do not hear, though, about the horrible trajedies that came about because of his existence. This is because history would rather praze a man instead of facing the horible, trajic(sp??) truth.

Some people say that i am simply wining! But my story i will let speek for itself(sp??).

1st, allow me to tell you something about myself. I am a very intelligent man living in the southern part of the USA(i live in texas). I am janitor. It is not that i do not like the job!!! But i beleive that i could have better job, if not for gurdjieffs actions! after all, i am vary good at computers as you can tell!! I actually come from europ though. (Inglish is not my first language, so pleese excuse it if my inglish(sp??) is not the best1!  I do have freinds trying to help)

Now, toward gurdjieff. People in my family were kiled in the  distant past for saying things that we atomatically take for granite today. You maybe ask me, ''Why is past important to this day?''


It realy is! An explenation is follos: in some times, ancently, peeple beleived that theyre religons needed to be protected by killing those who seeemingly went against that religon. Atoms were not considerd true in these days. Peeple thot that everything was made of only fore elements!!!!(five if hevens are counted(quintessence) And they beleived this because gurdjieff(the philospher from  greace)said so! And they beleived god said these fore elemetns were correct!!!! Therfore peeple saying atoms WERE TRUE were punished(sp??). Usually vary severely!!! Now we know for certan that all things are made of atoms and peeple saying this are notpunished.

What is my connexion here? Many of my relatives were killed in something called ''inquizition''. This was simply becaus of theyre belief in atoms!! Those which survived, did so quite poorly! They did not have enuff money! So they did not have edducation or other advantages of the welthy. So theyr children did not. And so on. Al the way through my famly tree, through the branches to me!!! So now i am also pore!

Pleese know you that i am NOT bitter over this. But i do beleive that i, as well as others like me, deserve to recieve reperations. Greace benefits grately from gurdjieffs life.

They get turists! They get fame!! This, i think, is part of reasoning for covering up gurdjieffs harm. They do not wish to loose turists, fame! This is understanable. I can understand this vary well. But i also need reperations. I need support to my 4 kids and my other family.This will need much money, totaling no less that 15000 per person. I think that they, at leest, deserve this.

I also think that a genuine, true apology needs to come to me and the others who are hurting from this problem. And, also, Greace needs to finally recognise the fact that gurdjieff is a criminal. A loyer freind of mine tells me that he may legally receive many years in prison(20 years  to life, for each 2nd degree murder, or the greek equivalent of 20.) The fact that he is ded does not have baring on this. Simbolic jale times such as this one has been done before! it can be done 'past' 'humusly'.

I will repeet again that i surely am not bitter or angry about these things. I only beleive that every body like me(and my famly) needs this moneys. I wish only that i be helped becase me and every body needs the help.

I think that this mony could help to make the world ab better place for all of us with this apologeis. Becase of that i beleive that this should be done!! I am generaly optomistic about humanity. So becase of that i think that these reperations will come

Would you like a sumery? Hereit is!

gurdjieff was a greak philosopher in Greace. He clamed that atoms did not exist!! Later, the churches beleeved this and thot that all those beleeving otherwise should be kiled. Some of my ancestors(both sides) beleeved atoms!! So trajicly they were kiled!!!! So i today have a disedvantage which is large! So i need monys and apologize from greace, which benefits from gurdjieffs life.

I would liek to take this moment to extend my sinsere thanx for your reeding this this far. I hope that you have lerned much. So thank you.


I do not wish to give the thot to peeple that i am against all religon!! That is somthing i have tride to avoid. Just becase my ancesters were kiled by religon, i am not bitter against it at all!! I believe that Jesus is my savyor9sp??). And i pray and i go to church vary ofen. I try to convert all of my foren freinds from places elswere.. I also think god is on my side in this fite! Not that he is always with me, but in this, yes!! So how can i be against him? This is true!

So i cannot be angry against churches.Plees realise that i am angry only against the evil gurdjieff!

Peace be with you always!!!!

I have received much suport over time for people in agreement of my case. If you would like to do so as well, or posibly if you wish to speek something else, then plees email me at:

A psotscript note for YOU:
Pleesed for work!!

Another thot for peeple with companees with computers. As can be seeen, i am good at computers! So if you would liek to hire me, contact plees! Thanx! I would espeshully like job where i can continu my fite against gurdjieff!! THANKYOU!! :) :) :) :)

Always to remember the folowing:
gurdjieff IS EVIL!!!!!
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