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Welcome, to Gurgi's World Cats. On the following pages, I hope very much that you find something of interest to you. I have tried to consturct this site, so it would be helpful to cats, and the humans who love them. So, take a few minutes to see if there is anything helpfull to you. You might be supprised what you may find out about your feline friend.
The felines listed on this page are the ones that have found me lucky enough to share their lives with. I am lucky that they have found me satisfying enough to honor me with their presents. Even so, I still love each of them. Hope you'll take the time to get to know them. I'm sure you'll come to love them also.
Well, if you haven't been around in a little while, you'll probably notice a few changes have been made to the old site. Nothing fancy, just a few updates, to make the page look a little better. Please, take a few minutes and let me know what you think of the changes. I hope you like them.
Also, I would like to take this time to say, that I have been giving serious thought to starting Gurgi's World of Cats Newsletter up again. I am searching for articles and things of interest to put in the first reprinting. Stay tuned.
Well, so many cats. Where do we start? You see, we feed and help 6 male cats, and 3 females. Most of our males are indoor/outdoor cats. But we have three that live inside the home at all times. That is Sheldon, Pezz, and Squeakers. But you see and meet all of them before you leave here.
First up, is our little Manx. This little guy makes his own way, by causing everyone who meets him to fall in love with him.                             
                     This is Boggie.
Now, this little lady is the newest member of our female staff. She is Ghai's daughter, and a little mother herself. Boggie is the Dad. (We think.)
                          This is Pezz.
Now,  this hansom guy is Pezz's daddy. He is from Mogan's litter. He is also one of our oldest males. He is about two years old.
                  This is Icabod
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Well, that by no means brings us to the end of my feline friends. It's just that is all the pictures I have right at the moment. But I promise that they will be up here in the near future.
Now, I am sure that everyone remembers the new little lady in my life. We met on Thanksgiving, 2004, and it was love at first sight.
                         This is Jazhara.
And finally, the Queen of the house. She has been with us the longest of all. She is five years old, and still as presious as the day she came to us.
                          This is Squeakers
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If you develope any ideas, or have some just want to suggest something, PLEASE, drope me a rew lines and let me know you think might work. I am interested in what my fans want to see.
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