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Welcome to Edgar Rice Burroughs (ERB).

We are currently under construction, as you can tell. Please feel free to look about. :)

ERB World Vision:

This ERB project started as both an educational world and an R.P.G. celebrating the lesser known accomplishments of the great author Edgar Rice Burroughs. (He is mostly known for his Tarzan series). The world (ERB) consists of four areas/book themes: Barsoom, Amtor, Pellucidar, and the Moon Maid disco.

We are building ERB as an illustration of the roots of science fiction, hoping to stimulate an interest in reading, family values, present a realtime depiction of how life in the books possibly was, and provide a platform for a role playing game. We realize these are quite lofty goals for a group of amateurs, but what we may lack in experience we more than make up for in enthusiasm and dedication to the projects completion.

Current members of the ERB Core Team are: Raventhorne, Ardalla Varo, Nevik, Tigmina Shinera, Embrae o, Dwan, Takeo, La Sarkoja, Percipient and Jaidiu Hajus.

The members on this team are talented in several areas; artists in all respects.

We hope you enjoy your visit to ERB!
~ ERB Core Team Members ~

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