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About Me

I'm not too good at talking about myself. I'll try. I'm a single mom and I am disabled. I enjoy learning new graphics stuff. I say stuff because there is so much I have my hands into.

I have three children. Ages are 24 (son), 14 (son) and my daughter, age 13. I'm a proud parent so anything I say here about them is biased. (Hee-hee.)

I enjoy ActiveWorlds. I spend allot of my online time there chatting with my friends; being involved in the community, when I can be, and making new 3D objects/textures for my VR worlds I have in AW.

I am still learning what I can about TrueSpace and other 3D programs. One of my newest interests is Poser. I hope to learn this so I can make realistic graphics for my 3D objects & avatar textures. I have yet to make an avatar from scratch and that will be my next goal.

I taught myself some basic HTML codes and I sometimes make a few web pages. Since I have found AW, I don't make many web pages now. My AW projects keep me busy and I really don't think my web page talents are much to speak about. I do what I can in that area to get by. (Smiles.)

How am I disabled? Some people do ask and I decided to include that information here so you can better understand why I enjoy the projects I can do on my pc. I suffered back injuries back in 1989 and I have a spinal cord injury (SCI) in my lower back as well. Yes, a SCI and back injuries are a bit different. SCI is trauma to the spinal cord itself. Back injuries are trauma's to the varies parts that surround the spine. Such as discs, ligaments and muscles. I fell at work while I was a U.S.P.S. Career Letter Carrier. Yes, I was a mail lady. (Smiles.) Okay, hold those postal jokes for later. (Hee-hee.)

Anyway, my injuries include almost my entire spine. I'll try and spare you the medical jargon as I describe my injuries. I have permanent whiplash in my neck. It means my neck has degenerated over time and I have lost my natural curve. I have arthritis in my neck and permanent nerve damage in my arms and hands now. I have sub-laxations throughout my spine and my spine is twisted. My lower back has a herniated disc and a torn disc under that one and both are deteriorating. I have already lost disc height. I have arthritis now in my entire spine, not just my neck. I have permanent nerve damage in my legs as well. I was born with spina bifida. (That was discovered when I had an MRI in 1991.) The medical term for my back injury symptoms, that I suffer from daily, is called Spinal Stenosis.

My daily symptoms can range from mild pain to excruciating pain in my neck, arms & hands, lower back and legs and muscles spasms. Also, I can suffer from a variety of symptoms ranging from tingling, numbness, and weakness to severe pain and paralysis. Yep, I have been known to get stuck in chairs or even on the floor for days. Sometimes I can get stuck where I am standing, frozen like a statue. Ugh, I hate those times where I have gotten stuck in public. My house will never be spotless either. (Smiles.)

Why am I sharing such details? Maybe I am writing all this down here for myself. Then again, maybe there is someone out there that has the same problems and can find some comfort in knowing someone else also suffers from it.

I have placed a link on my page that is an excellent source of information for those that also may have an SCI or back injury, Spinal Cord Injury. There is a chat room and a message board on that site. This site helped me understand my injuries better and also is a source of encouragement to me.

I try and not get blue about my physical problems. There really isn't anything I can do about it now, so why spend my time being upset? I guess you can say I am a shut in because there are those times when I simply can't walk, let alone drive a car. Therefore, when I am able to sit here in some comfort at the pc, I keep my mind active by doing something creative such as 3D models.

I especially enjoy spending time with my friends online. A few I can consider my best friends in life. I have been truly blessed with meeting such wonderful and loving people. They put up with my typo days caused by my hands acting up. (Hee-hee.) Some have even taken the time to just sit with me online while I was in excruciating pain. Now if that isn't an example of a true friend, I dunno what is. (Smiles.)

I would like to encourage anyone that is a shut in, for whatever reason, to get involved online. There are many chat rooms where you can talk to other people. You can even learn some fun skills to help with the depression of staying home all the time. Of course, my favorite suggestion would be to get involved with ActiveWorlds. (Hee-hee.) I find that doing something such as a 3D object, for example, helps me distract myself from pain. Try and get involved in something you can enjoy online. If you would like to talk to someone, I'm just an email away. (Smiles.)

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