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Fibbles is a fun place to visit!
This world was created by a personal friend of mine, peacfrog!

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ActiveWorlds® Related Sites:
The BEST 3D virtual reality chat place!

Active Worlds Community Pages
Connect to the ActiveWorlds community here. This page links to ActiveWorlds Events Committee, Historical Society, Community Register, Info Squares, Cy Awards, University, AWSchool, Objects d'Active Worlds, Reunion and Other Sites.

Active Worlds Spades-Club
Join in on the fun. Play AW Spades! The AW Spades-Club was originally founded to allow postings of tournament games at the AWSpades World in the ActiveWorlds universe.

Active Worlds WebRing
The ActiveWorlds Universe Community WebRing is a great source for AW related sites.

Andras's website dedicated to ActiveWorlds.
An excellent source for AW tools. Need it? Andras has it!

AW Guides
AW Guides Mission Statement, "Our mission is a very simple. We are here to present tourist and AW citizens with an opportunity to see the true potential that Activeworlds offers.

We intend to accomplish this by providing tours to the worlds where they can learn to build but more importantly providing tours of building sites, cities, games, worlds and the art that other citizens have created with the tools Activeworlds has to offer."

When I went to AW's 2004 Reunion, I had the pleasure of meeting the people involved with AW Guides. I was very impressed with AW Guides and the citizens involved in this community service! You really must visit their official web page for more information. Maybe you can even become involved in helping them provide this much needed service for tourists or any AW citizen that needs help.

AW Hosting
A professional hosting service for world owners in the ActiveWorlds community.

I personally use AW Hosting since 1999 for all my AW private worlds and Object Paths. I have been pleased with the service that they provide. They always provide personal attention to all their customers. Which, I feel, is very important for anyone providing this type of service. In other words, I trust them completely with my private worlds!

AWVR is Owned by Brain Storm Hosting Network.
"We are a Non-Profit International Radio Station run by volunteers.".

AWVR Mission, "Simply put, is to become ActiveWorlds Radio Station of choice."

AWVR Sponsors: Tours World (AW Guides) and Brain Storm Hosting Network.
Newest sponsor is AWBingo World!

King Tex has added AWVR signs in the bingo worlds for all players to click on and listen in! Whoo hoo!

Borg World - A Princess Leia World
You may visit Borg World in AW. I added a link here because I was impressed with Princess Leia's personal web page.

Count Dracula's Site
Kewl sourch for free 3D objects, avatars, textures and sounds.

HamFon's COBDump3
Converts TrueSpace files to rwx and creates animation sequence files.

ImaBot bots are bots that operate through the Active Worlds environment and perform various tasks.

Mauz's Active Worlds Pages.
One of AW's best informative webpages.

Modred's Active Worlds Picture Gallery Index.
Modred's Cy Award winning (1998) Gallery is an index of some AW citizens, and links to some of their wonderful builds.

You can even find my Gallery Pavilion on Modred's web page! offers hosting solutions for ActiveWorlds® users who need a place to call "home". Services include: professional world hosting, object paths and object creations.

Objects d'Active Worlds
Donation based website for RWX objects and more.

RenderWare Modeler
Specifically oriented to the ActiveWorlds® object development environment, Modeler provides a set of tools to allow the easy creation and editing of ActiveWorlds objects.

The Xelagots
The Xelagot bots were created by Alex Grigny de Castro for use in ActiveWorlds. Xelagot bots are not only a useful tool, but they are also a lot of fun! You can add your own custom bot scripts and create your Xelagot's own personality.

Alex Grigny de Castro, "I started making virtual 3D humanoid bots in 1998, inspired by HamFon's Hambots in ActiveWorlds, and by Isaac Asimov. This page links you to the Xelagot bot page, and to a few others."

Lady Jude, "Our purpose is to serve as a Virtual Reality Worlds Volunteer Assistance Group. To assist Creators and World owners in the various ways to protect their Object Creations. While inspiring and motivating World Peace and Unity of our Worlds, Galaxies and Universes."

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Graphics & Design:
AccuTrans 3D
3D object conversion software by MicroMouse Productions. AccuTrans 3D provides accurate translation of 3D geometry between the file formats used by many popular modeling programs.

Ariel's Studio
Beautiful graphics for your webpage and Blade Pro presets.

Corel ~ Bryce
Create breathtakingly realistic 3D landscapes and animations with Bryce® 5.

Curious Labs ~ Poser
Poser is a 3D-character animation and design tool for artists and animators.

Dami's Demesne Webset Graphics
More beautiful graphics for your webpage and Blade Pro Presets.

Flaming Pear
Blade Pro home page. Make touchably perfect web graphics.

R n R W o m a n ' s C r e a t i o n s !
RnRWoman is talented in pencil sketch, pastel, paints and graphic art, and also does work on commission. She has created some awesome Poser 4 Morphs (plug-ins) that you can use for your Poser creations.

Robin Wood
There are Robin Wood Fantasy and Magical art prints here; Poser & Corel Bryce tutorials; disks full of fonts, clip-art and borders; cards; and books.

3D Design & Animation Tools for the Web Age.

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Webpage Tutorials:
Lissa Explains It All.
A great place to learn webpage design! Now you have no excuse. :)

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All About You:
Percipient's Personality Test.
Take this personality test given by the Human Relations Department at many of the major corporations today and get a better insight of yourself.

The Keirsey Sorter.
What's your temperament? Take the Keirsey personality inventory test.

The Keirsey Temperament Web Site.
For a better understanding of your test results, visit their main page.

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Health & Fitness Information:
Atkins Center
Find out how eating the right foods—and avoiding others—can eliminate headaches, blood sugar disorders—including a sluggish metabolism—and food intolerances, among other health problems.
Dr. Atkins' web site explains how the Atkins Nutritional Principles(TM) work for weight loss, weight maintenance, good health and disease prevention.

Find out how to do Atkins and why it works!

Body-for-LIFE is one of the best fitness programs out there that I have seen. I really believe that you can achieve your goals if you try this fitness program.

Energy for Women
Energy is dedicated to helping women take charge of their own health and fitness. Energy is committed to providing the latest new and cutting-edge thinking to motivate, inspire and educate women as they energize all aspects of their lives.

Prevention Magazine Online
Over the years I have always enjoyed Prevention's magazine. Now you can too online. They provide information on health; fitness; recipes and nutrition; weight loss and walking programs.

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Medical Information:
There is help available for the many millions of people who have no insurance and can't afford to
purchase their medicines. NeedyMeds is the place to learn about patient assistance programs
and other programs designed to help those who can't afford their medicines.
NeedyMeds is not a program. It's an information source.

Spinal Cord Injury.
Spinal cord injury resource center. A vast amount of information helping to explain basic anatomy, physiology, and the complications resulting from a spinal cord injury.

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My Special Links:
Kaye Miller
My Memorial to my friend, Kaye Miller.

Aloha from Hawaii!
My folks celebrate their retirement and fly off to Hawaii without me. (Laughs.)

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My Friends Sites:
Percipient's Renderosity Site
Percipient, "I am just starting to get into 3D modeling as a hobby. My creations are simply for my own challenge and amusement. I hope you enjoy the results.

Please look at my gallery, which I am basically using to show my progress in learning new skills".

bcatts World
Check out bcatts' virtual reality world in Active Worlds!

Mysterious Ways Website
Moving in Mysterious Ways features a blog maintained by Kev the Rev on the sometimes absurd ways of the world.

"A reverend without a congregation, Kev the Rev surfs the net looking for salvation and enlightenment, but more often finds the absurdity and stupidity of life in the 21st century. Read the Reverend's observations on the world in the Mysterious Ways Blog".

Kev the Rev a.k.a. Master Tse in AW and a good friend of mine. :)

RnRWoman's Stephen Stills Site
RnRWoman, "From his sandpaper, yet smooth vocals...To his wide range of talent on several musical instruments... I present my website to you in hopes that is well received. And as a dedication to the deep rooted, soulful, compassionate person... Mezmerizing us all with his ability to touch many people, right down to their very hearts and souls... A Captain Manyhands to all that come aboard his ship, a unique individual by the name of...Stephen Stills."

Don's music trading page. Check out his site you may find a rare album or video you have been looking for!

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Thanks for visiting some of my favorite webpages. A few are made by my friends. If you would like your webpage listed here, send me an email. (Smiles.)

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