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Hello. Welcome to my "other" site.

This is the "Mirror" site to my main site Guri_Lady.geo

What's with the two sites?! Read the horror story...

The story is really horrible and stupid too. I'll just say in a few words as possible as you may get bored. Feel free to click here and go to my main site at any time.

When GeoCities was bought out by Yahoo, they took my Guri_Lady geocity account and added ".geo" to the end of it. I of course was a paying "Geo Plus" customer at the time of the buy out. They switched my account to the Guri_Lady.geo because in their words at the time, "All old geocities customers will have ".geo" attached to their accounts." I guess this was their way of keeping track of the Geocities customers vs. the newer Yahoo ones. I dunno. I asked if I may just change it to Guri_Lady without the geo being added they said, "NO". Well, okay. Now there's a problem. My Guri_Lady yahoo account is now available for the taking. So, I claimed my old name back for myself at a later date. BUT There's now confusion and tons of problems. (They will not allow me access to my Guri Lady account, without the underscore, I give up trying to figure that out as this is a headache).

Yahoo/GeoCities can't figure out that my Guri_Lady.geo account is a PAID account not a FREEBIE. I don't get ads on my Guri_Lady.geo account but I am denied FTP access to my account. A service that I am paying for as a "Geo Plus" Customer. So, I end up paying every month for services I am not receiving.

I never ever posted a web page on this account in the past until now, June 27, 2006. Past customer service reps were stuck looking at a generic yahoo web page and kept telling me I've lost my marbles thinking I am paying for this account. They never added .geo to my user name to verify I am a paying customer until usually an hour later. Well now, I have to post this page here so they don't trash my Guri_Lady Freebie account, without the .geo added, for "inactivity". I can see it now.. this will add even further confusion to the service rep on my next phone call.

Why bother with keeping this spot available to me for later use? I am hoping to receive the services I am paying for at my ".geo" account and when I finally do I want to later transfer all my links here divorcing myself from the ".geo".

So... for now I will leave this stupid web page here to keep Yahoo from deleting my freebie account. It's been two years since trying to resolve this problem. Any suggestions other than knocking on their door? Now you see why I haven't updated my main web site or wondering why I have two.

In a nut shell, one is a Freebie, this page and the other isn't.. and that one has a silly .geo attached to the account name. I've called Yahoo/GeoCities seven times to straighten this out. Sheesh. Someone help me out here!

Well.. if you find yourself at this page just click the link below and go to my PAID ad free site. I tried having a web page that would transfer you automatically in 2 minutes but... the ads came along for the ride when I did this. (Look to your right, those will be the ads I'm referring to). Nothing I can do will make this problem any better no matter how many times I call Yahoo/GeoCities. Maybe I sould post in red letters...



Thanks for stopping by in the mean time. Oh yeah page counters don't work on my other site cause that's another feature that was taken away from me but they continue to collect from me every month. Maybe I should knock on their door after all and speak to a real person someday. If you are a Yahoo / GeoCities customer rep then please note.. this is the freebie site yes but click the link to go to the PAID site and then tell me why I am not getting what I am paying for? :)

In the meantime, I am paying for services I am not receiving! Why am I repeating all this over and over because the Yahoo GeoCities Representatives just don't get it nor do the technicians my account is sent to straighten this all out!! blah blah blah.....on I go about this mess and click you leave. Oh well. Maybe they went to the paid site and looked for a little.

~ Guri Lady ~

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