Children, some of this work was part of the assignments for UNICEF, Delhi office

Newborns for a story on India's population. Indians are now are a billion plus and increasing.

Boy teasingly running away from the photographer, at a school in Imphal, Manipur

Children playing, at a bus stand in Tehri, Uttaranchal

Girls playing at a school in Baroda, Gujarat

Boy cleaning utensils at a roadside tea shop, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Girl drinking water from a shoe! She did this as her chance at the water faucet was just not happening and filling up her shoe (for want of a better vessel) was the faster way out.

Bangladeshi immigrant as household help in Arunachal Pradesh, North-East India. The future holds little certainty for this boy and many others like him, but poverty in the present can be a more compelling factor.

Child laborer involved in the steel cupboards' manufacturing, Daboi in Gujarat

Boy working as help at a scrap shop in Old Delhi

Curious children - Orissa

At a children's fair in Delhi

Children playing in a remote village in Himachal Pradesh


gurinder osan photography