The road to Delhi's Capitol Hill, Rashtrapati Bhawan at twilight

South Extension Market, a hobnob of branded goods

Muslims at Id prayers, Jama Masjid. (What the viewer of the photograph can't experience is the collective and hence nearly cosmic rustle of the clothes that each movement of the crowd produced!)

Bangladeshi immigrants with nowhere to go, when asked to leave India, 1992

The Amphibians - the girl escapes the rat, which in turn is fleeing the flooding waters of the Yamuna in a slum on the banks of the river in Delhi

One day in the life of the many slums of India's capital. Constraints on space and poverty force people to live pigeonhole-like existence

A young mother mourns the death of her child from asphyxiation in the oft-repeat fires in Delhi's slums in April


The primitive taking care of the modern!

Keeping the warmth in Delhis harsh winters, a shoe shine man and his pet in the corridors of Connaught Place market.

Tibetans arrested when demonstrating against the visit of Chinese premier, Li Peng, 1991. The protest, as usual, turned violent and the police, as usual, turned high-handed

STOP! Rajiv Gandhi, then PM's cut out of the perennially waving hand morphs well into the traffic signal.

gurinder osan photography