Hola Mohalla festival of Anandpur Sahib, Punjab in India, announces the arrival of spring and is a celebration of life itself. Its also an occassion for the Nihangs, one of the armies of the Sikh gurus that still maintains it's traditional zeal, to display their martial skills.

A nihang soldier displaying his skills at horse riding. The nihangs are often high on canabis and so are their horses! As a result the horse often run through the crowd that cheers madly!

Tent pegging, one of the many skills displayed at the festivals, by the nihangs. There exist a stong bonding between the nihangs and their treasured steed

Nihangs are proud people. These preservers of Sikh valor may have no battles to fight and their methods archaic, but that doesn't deter these men of the Guru to prepare everyday for a battle that may never happen !

Dry colours are thrown at ech other during the festival that also announces the beginning of spring season. At Hola Mohalla, Nihang - the holy warriors of the Sikh gurus -take part in the festivity

A nihang soldier

The strong bonds of the Sikh community are enhanced in the collective efforts involved in the preperations of langar - the community lunch. Here several men pull out water from a well.


gurinder osan photography