More than fifty years of indeopendence still hasn't sorted India's transportation problems. Its people make do with whatever seems the best alternative. Its a miracle that India moves!

There is always room for more. A three-wheeler crosses the bridge on the river Ganges near Haridwar. A dip in the river cleanses their soul, they say and thus paves their way to heavens; shortcuts anyone?

Off we go to school! Jogarh is a local contraption that runs... on a tubewell engine. This rudimentary piece of desi engineering serves the transportation needs of a big part of rural North India. It has, of course no official approval, no registration, nothing, but nobody interferes for want of a cheaper alternative.

The Guwahati railway station at night. Being the other end of the chickenís neck, most trains arrive late here and it is a long and patient wait for passengers, some of whom come from far and remote areas of the North-East.

Subarban trains, packed always. Many a people hanging outside die in accidents, but that is no deterent

After a long wait the truck finally arrives at this isolated hamlet in Orissa. The people gladly clamber aboard like cattle, no complains, there isnt a better alternative here!


Too many passengers for a train service catering to the world's second most populated country. At any given time the Indian Railways is transporting more people than the population of many European countries! This mammoth operation has its ups and downs...


gurinder osan photography