Sailor Cosmos

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Sailor Cosmos is a very mystical, rarely seen Sailor Moon character. Sailor Cosmos appeared in the manga version of Sailor Moon only a few times. In the anime, she appeared even less.

Sailor Cosmos is rumored to be another future form of Sailor Moon. I personally don't believe this rumor. I have my reasons for believing this. First of all, Sailor Moon has meatball-shaped odangos and Sailor Cosmos has heart-shaped odangos. In every form of Sailor Moon, she wears her hair in meatball-shaped odangos. Chibi Chibi has heart-shaped odangos just like Sailor Cosmos. Sailor Moon has her moon symbol at all times except when she is Usagi. You don't see her symbol when she is Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Moon but it is there, under the tiara. The only time a Sailor's forehead symbol changes is if they become evil. Sailor Cosmos is certainly not a villain form of Sailor Moon. Chibi Chibi carries the same symbol on her forehead as the one on Sailor Cosmos' forehead. In both the manga and the anime versions of Sailor Moon, it is clear that Sailor Cosmos is Chibi Chibi's adult form.

If you still aren't convinced, just look at this picture of Chibi Chibi. Chibi Chibi's forehead symbol is that of an 8-pointed golden star just like that of Sailor Cosmos. Chibi Chibi's bangs also do the same curly thing that Sailor Cosmos' bangs do. Sailor Moon's bangs don't look like that. Chibi Chibi is holding Sailor Cosmos' staff in her hands. "STOP THAT KID! SHE'S STOLEN SAILOR COSMOS' STAFF!" No. No. She didn't steal it. It's hers because...*drum roll*...Chibi Chibi is Sailor Cosmos. Chibi Chibi is not her kid, not her sister, not her granddaughter, not her niece but Sailor Cosmos herself. They are one and the same. I hope I haven't made anyone faint by revealing this. (^.^)

Chibi Chibi/Baby Sailor Cosmos

If Sailor Cosmos is the ultimate form of anyone, it's Chibi Chibi. I wish I knew what Chibi Chibi's real name was! Although, the mystery surrounding Chibi Chibi/Sailor Cosmos is a nice touch. I guess it endears her to me more than if I knew all of her statistics like with most of the other senshi.

It is rumored that Sailor Cosmos is the most powerful senshi in the universe. I'm not sure if that's true but it does seem likely considering how her sailor title is Sailor COSMOS. The definition of cosmos is "the world or universe considered as an orderly system." (Funk & Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary, Volume 1, A-M, 1984 Edition, pg. 144, "cosmos".) That definition when applied to Sailor Cosmos, to me, signifies a lot of power and peace. Isn't that a lovely thought considering the times we live in?

-Mandy *Sailor June Princess*


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