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This Windows shareware program is NOT for use in creating a Player character, as there are several very good PC creation programs out there already (IMW makes a very good one).

Instead, this program is for the GM.

My GURPS NPC Generator does the following:
  • Randomly selects race, height, weight, skin, hair and eye color. Uses either your own probabilities for race, or my default ones.
  • Allows you to choose Priest, Fighter, Mage, Thief, Psionicist, or Sage.
  • Randomly selects stats, skills, advantages, disadvantages, spells, and psionic powers.
  • Create characters of any point total >= 25.
  • Automatically deal with literacy.
  • Checks to prevent many common contradictory advantages/disadvantages (Fat & Skinny)
It does not generate weapons, armor, magic items, cash or other equiptment.

While this program was originally intended for use in a Fantasy genre game, it has been adapted for use in Science Fiction, Historical, Martial Arts, Superhero and Modern genres as well.

This program can not generate every single possible combination of skills / spells / psionics, but it does a very good job for random encounters. If you have access to a laptop, you can generate NPC's while you are playing, helping out when those pesky players do the unexpected. I also included a Demon Generator for when those spells don't go quite the way you planned.

This program is shareware - it is free to download but if you want to be able to save, print or open your creations, you will have to email me at gurps_npc at hotmail dot com (no spaces, use at sign instead of word). I will reply with directions to mail me $10. When I recieve the check I will E-mail you the upgraded version. (If your ISP - AOL - limits the size of E-mail, please specify so I can send several smaller ones. )


E-Mail Andrew Coleman, Author of the GURPS NPC Generator: gurps_npc@hotmail dot com
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