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To know that life is nothing, man is nothing, god is nothing - yet to

walk with dignity, that is bravery.... many must have it" - Hemingway

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An Exploration into the limits of human

Knowledge and Potential

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Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far

one can go..... T S Eliot

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This site is an attempt to consolidate, analyze and integrate existing

human knowledge and potential, and to explore the limits of the validity

of this knowledge and its potential for a given human being under the

concept I have labeled as Personal Validity. As a part and process

of this consolidation, several quotes have been included in each

article, and the original source has been credited.

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First conceived : July 1987

Site Created : April 1999,                         Last Update : April 2005



NEW : Supplimentary Articles :

Preface to the 2005 Update

A Collapse of Moral

Notes on the usage of terms : Subject and Object

From Reason to Abstraction and Back

Postscript : 2005

  NEW : Native American Quotes

NEW : Extensive C. G. Jung Embedding

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The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going

beyond them into the impossible. ................Arthur C. Clarke

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A Snapshot :

I have found this concept useful as a valuable tool for the self-examination
of what is and what is not personally valid for individual human beings,and
I believe this concept can be useful for others also who tread the difficult
but highly rewarding path of self-exploration, and may even also be of use
to those who have no desire to self-examine, or have reached a state of 
sufficient  self development .

This concept may also be useful for those for whom the exercise of self-
exploration is not personally valid (for example religious persons).

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In Part 1, this concept has been introduced, along with the overview and
the focus or purpose of this work. Part 1 ends with the crucial counter-
concept of Personal Validity, that is - General Validity, and the important
distinction between the two domains of operation.

Part 2 is the ontology behind this work in which I have attempted to expand
the context in which I have used certain words or concepts. Concepts mean
different things to different people, so the concepts used in this work, the
assumptions or axioms are clarified, expanded or defined. This has been
considered essential to impart clarity to the use of terms, so that the use
of terminology does not obscure the meaning that is being expressed.

Part 3 deals exclusively with the central concept and its supporting ideas
that attempt to probe deep into the functioning of the human mind, heart,
psyche, moral choices, meaning

Part 4 is about metaphysics, about the nature of reality. Social, Religious
and Cultural Paradigms are analyzed to probe into their foundations in
order to connect the present with the past and then to project the
potential future.

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Sometime in the last ten years the best brains of the Occident

discovered to their amazement that we live in an Environment.

This discovery has been forced on us by the realization that we

are approaching the limits of something".....Gary Snyder

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WARNING ! ::::>>  Two important assumptions have

been made here: 1.) All beings are unique, distinct and different.

2.) The purpose of one's existence is to discover, develop, explore,

express, define and/or expand this uniqueness of one's being to

its potential limits. ::::::>>>>

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There is a road in the hearts of all of us, hidden and seldom

traveled, which leads to an unknown, secret place."

........Chief Luther Standing Bear

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Personal Validity is the creation of a personal space in which

a Being's given potential can manifest and reach out to its

limits ...........unbound by social and cultural constraints.

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No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.

...William Blake

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PART 1 : Introduction, Overview & Purpose of this work.

PAGE 02 : [ 02purpose.htm ] 1.1 The Purpose of this work

PAGE 03 : [ 03domains.htm ] 1.5 The two domains of Validity

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PART 2 : Assumptions, Beliefs & Concepts : The Ontology

PAGE 04 : [ 04ontology.htm ]
2.1  Terms, Definitions, Assumptions, Beliefs and Concepts:
The Known and the Unknown       

PAGE 05 : [ 05assumptions.htm ]
2.2  Assumptions made in this work

PAGE 06 : [ 06duality.htm ]

2.3  The Duality in Nature or the Nature of Duality

PAGE 07 : [ 07percepti.htm ]

2.4  Perception - Sensory and Non-Sensory

PAGE 08 : [ 08physical.htm ]

2.4  The Physical and the Non-Physical Self

PAGE 09 : [ 09know.htm ]

2.5   Knowledge and Power

PAGE 10 : [ 10goals.htm ]

2.6  Potential, Limits, Will, Goals and Processes


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PART 3 : Personal Validity

PAGE 11 : [ 11whatis.htm
3.1 What is Personal Validity? The Central Concept

PAGE 12 : [ 12unique.htm ]

3.2 Uniqueness of Self

PAGE 13 : [ 13heartor.htm ]

3.3 HEART or MIND : The two Paths of Knowledge

PAGE 14 : [ 14rational.htm ]

3.4 Rationality and Intuition

PAGE 15 : [ 15selfbasics.htm ]
3.5 Basics of the Self

PAGE 16 : [ 16artof.htm ]

3.6 Art of Self Exploration

PAGE 17 : [ 17conscious.htm ]

3.7 Conscious, sub-conscious and Supra

PAGE 18 : [ 18selfanasys.htm ]

3.8  The Art of Self Analysis and Self Synthesis

PAGE 19 : [ 19evaluate.htm ]

3.9  Evaluate your Personal Validity

PAGE 20 : [ 20enhance.htm ]

3.10 Enhance your Personal Validity

PAGE 21 : [ 21having.htm ]

  3.11 Having to Choose

PAGE 22 : [ 22time.htm ]

 3.12 Time and Space

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PART 4 : Metaphysics : Paradigms of Reality

         4.1 Metaphysics : What it is and what it is for. 23metaphys.h

4.2  Social Structures and Constructs   24social.htm

4.3  Religions : The Rise and Fall of Monotheism 25religion.htm

4.4  Paradigms of Culture

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  NEW SECTION :   ART and  IMAGINATION                      

  NEW SECTION :  LANGUAGE : The Tools of Expression

Poetry Section : Inspiration and Anguish

Short Stories : A Tribute to William James Sidis

Book Rewrite : The Last of the Shamans


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Copyright Notice & WARNING!!! : No

portion  of  the  material presented here in any of the

pages is copyrighted.  Any person can copy anything

from this website, and even claim to be the author of

any  portion or even the whole of this work,  but will

have to take full  and total  responsibility  of  all and

every consequence and eventuality arising out of any

act as a result of reading this work, copying it, distr-

ibuting it, making changes, additions, alterations to

any portions,  and  putting  their  own  name  as the

original author. From here on, anybody failing to take

full and total responsibility for anything that happens

to them will have only themselves to blame for it.

And if someone distorts the contents and uses the

contents in a manner not befitting the intent of

this work, he does so on his own risk.....

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You have been WARNED AGAIN !!!

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Some Pondering as Starters :

( from the poem 'Excellence' )

Reach into the depths of your abilities, bring out your essence,
Gather your resources, fuse them together into excellence

Explore but don't exploit, experiment, but not at others cost.
Experience everything in order to create, not to get lost.

Reach for the moon, reach for the stars, but not after ruining this Earth.
Learn from others, but also make your own mark, your own worth.

Knowledge is Power only if it helps others find their own way.
Power becomes Knowledge that corrects but not to stay.

You are totally responsible for whatever happens to you.
Believe this, in all conditions, whether you are high or feeling blue.

Fear not to undertake anything, then the world's in your pocket.
The Sky is the limit, but not in a rocket.......

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If you can fill the unforgiving minute,

With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,

Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,

And—which is more—you'll be a Man my son!

.........Rudyard Kipling

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This  web site is focused on epistemology, philosophy,  metaphysics,  religion  and  belief   systems,
social and cultural paradigms, a study and analysis of real and fake knowledge, real and mechanical
 choices,  right and wrong courses of action,  Will  and Spirit  ( and the resultant of the two: Intent),
 knowing through the Heart and Mind, reason and intuition, the Self as an autonomous unique being
whose existence in space and time has a self-sought and self-defined meaning and purpose to be
discovered and developed by means and methods to be devised and improvised by one's own Self,
and one such initiative is presented here  which  is a  language  and  intellect  based set of tools
in which the key concept is Personal Validity.
The relevant quotes are from a wide variety of sources, mainly :  Eliot, Kierkegaard, Jung, Clarke,
Lilly, Kubrik, Kipling, Thoreau, Achiebe, Voltaire, McCarthy, Sartre, Socrates, Confucius, Blake,
Byron, Strauss, Rousseau, Plato, Cage, Maye, Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzeche, Hegel, Housman,
Forster, Rilke, Lewis, Ohmae, Child, Cooke, Faulkner, Rimbaud, Murdoch, Durant, Woolfe,
Fitzgerald, Huxley, Chesterton, Adorno, Popper, Johnson, Pirsig, Logau, Joad, Zappa, Paglia,
Lowell, Said, Bakinin, Beauvoir, Gauss, Garvey, Boudillon, Tapies, Wordsworth, Castaneda,
Vizinczey....and several others.


The author of this work acknowledges with the deepest thanks and gratitude  for using
these quotes to the authors of these quotes.

CAUTION ! It is being clarified here that in all the quotes, the
specific quote should be taken as complimentary to the main text of
this author, not as an agreement with the overall views, attitudes,
personality and philosophy of the quoted authors.

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We shall never cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.

..T S Eliot

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Proceed at your own risk :

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