UPDATED on May 8th, 2007
Hello everybody!!
This page is still under construction/modification.  This seems to take forever....literally!.  Hopefully if you don't know me very well, this page will help you to get to know me just a little better. There are some changes that will happen over time(when im not on the road in some other country), and improve it.  If what you see interestes you, then
check out my links page and see more!!
Here is a quick link to a page with a bunch of new pictures of my brothers graduation, and my night of fireworks, and even a few of my rafting trip!
DAVID!!!!!!!!.......he looks so irrigated doesn't he!
Above is hacker being his normal "Dar Dar" self, acutally sharpening his skills of "Dar Darism"  I thought this was a great pic to peak someone interest in going to the links page, if so, then
click here To your left is a breed of locomotive that is vanishing forever, and was my favorite to watch for, the "Chicago and Northwestern System" now bought out by "Union Pacific".
Yes this is me in a Packers jacket, only because i lost a bet to this fool, ANDY.  It was a good time tailgating and such activities in the 31st lot.  GO USA, GO BEARS!!!!!!
The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.  Attitude is more important than education, money, circumstances, failures, successes or what other people think, say or do.  It will make or break a company.  We have a choice everyday regarding attitude.  Although we can't change the past, people or the inevitable, we can change our attitude.  I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how i react to it.
This is a quote that I found, and believe it to be true!  If you think about it, it describes life and how things actually happen.
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