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India is in a new phase of Industrial Development. In the last decade diversified industrial sector has emerged in the last two decades taking the country to high degree of self-reliance. This has also enlarged the demand of higher professional learning and education.

In the present millennium global business in general and the business in Asia-Pacific region in particular is slated for phenomenal growth. Further, the world has recognized India as a major source of Engineering and Managerial talent and for India to retain its talent and in turn become a global economic power of the future , it is imperative that the nexus between industry and educational institutions must be nurtured and strengthened. In this scenario Technical and Management Institutes will have to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our country by developing professionals who can understand the industrial environment and be capable of participating in management planning and decision making. And are committed to excellence and who have the vision, courage and dedication to manage change.

At present, the Engineering and Management Colleges in India are not meeting the requirements of the Industry. To bridge this gap, ICL Hi-Tech Educational Society has ventured into the higher learning & education and in the process setting up Colleges and Institutions to impart & confer Graduate & Post Graduate Degrees. The Society also aims at establishing Institutions for conducting courses and sessions in the field of Medical, Dental Sciences and Humanities apart from Engineering and Management.

ICL Hi-Tech Educational Society is the embodiment of core values which inspire our vision.

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