First update in almost three years, and this is a BIG one! In the same week that images of the upcoming live-action Dragonball film appeared on the web, Dune Entertainment has announced that John Goodman, go-to man for all fat cartoon characters, has been tapped to play the Namekian leader Guru. Goodman, who is most known for portraying Fred Flintstone in 1994's hit The Flintstones and can be seen in theaters this summer as Pops Racer in the Wachowski's Speed Racer was "the first and only choice for Guru", says the film's director James Wong. "He's big, fat and can be painted green. John was perfect for the role!"

When asked what role Guru will play in the film, Wong replied "We really haven't figured that out yet. At the moment we have many subplots being thrown around. My personal favorite is that Guru is attempting to buy a McRib from McDonalds, demanding that every time John Goodman plays a fat cartoon character the restaurant must carry the sandwich. Of course, this only happened once with The Flintstones, but thats where the comedy lies." Wong continued to explain that if the subplot did not work out, Guru would be seen in the background of most scenes, as Goodman's contract stipulates that he be in 90% of the film.

Goodman is currently working with Wong to choose an actor to play Dende. In the running for the role are Macaulay Culkin and Clay Aiken. "We really need to click, y'know?", says Goodman. "Guru and Dende are like Bert and Ernie, they need each other to really work as characters. If we choose the wrong Dende then this whole project could fall apart!"

When asked what he loved the most about Guru, Goodman replied "He's a stubborn guy who has a heart of gold, but is afraid to show it. It's really his friends Donkey and Princess Fiona who bring that out in him. Shrek's a perfect lesson in how friends can sometimes bring out the best in us."

-David Anderson, contributing writer

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