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A conglomeration of Heaven for Heathens, Guru Al at the Movies,The Guru Al & NTM Download Page and allan houston in a nutshell

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A page of literature, satire and bizarre humour. Includes the stories of Guru Al's life and the texts for guidance! Use these as a template for the life you should be leading!

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Guru Al gives a critical analysis of some recent movies. Includes the infamous Trevor Awards! UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The Guru Al & NTM Download Page

The stories of the lives of Guru Al and NTM can be downloaded from here. Also available are the texts, which give guidance for a pure, New-Age Christian life

allan houston in a nutshell

Allan Houston, beguiling individual. Here is his own webpage, on which he discards the thin veil of false identity he usually hides behind  in Heaven for Heathens. It is Allan, nuts and all!

Access these !!FOUR SITES!! from this page. Each site contains a link back to the mainpage of the Guru Al Web

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The Guru Al Web was created July 2000

Last Updated: Monday November 13, 2000

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