chemical warfare
environmental toxins
chemical and viral infection
bacterial infection
retroviruses and viruses
cancer AIDS HIV
blood-related diseases
Gulf War Syndrome
airborne viruses

protect yourself from toxic chemicals and environmental exposure with a tested remedy that
really works to protect your immune system and blood from all blood and airborne diseases
simple daily use will protect you now and in the long run from chemical pollutants in the water and air, clearing toxic substances from your bloodstream should you be exposed
the threat is real
and eminent

only $22.95 each, plus $5 shipping

mail check or money order for $27.95 to:

AMIRA, PO Box 1717, Alachua FL 32616

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there are two formulas
one is for protection of the body, blood, viral infection, chemical warfare
the second is to clear the environment and keep it clear daily
both are included in each package, with instructions!

instructions included are very simple to use,
the medicines work with immediate effects

a guidebook to this product and 22 other medicines that protect the immune system and blood
is included in the book
The Alchemy of Health (paperback, retail $20)
if you want the guidebook
include an extra $15

these are powerful medicines *** NEEDED in this timing

Take care of yourself! Protect your health!
Protect your family! God Bless!

Amira Mah
Alachua, FL USA
phone 386-418-1054

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