My Great Grandfather Gus Bell, Cadillac/LaSalle Test Driver
Gus Bell

My Great Grandfather Gus Bell
Cadillac/LaSalle Test Driver

My great grandfather, Gus Bell, was a professional test driver for General Motors. He was killed at the GM proving ground in Milford, Michigan on July 15, 1930 while driving a Cadillac V16 Roadster prototype. The vehicle was traveling at 112 MPH when the crash occured. The cause of the crash was never determined.

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Gus Bell in the Cadillac V16 Roadster Prototype
1930 Roadster

Jess Nall and Gus Bell with a 1927 LaSalle
1927 LaSalle

1927 LaSalle with Gus Bell at the wheel and Jess Nall next to him

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