Why Saint Joseph's Collegiate Is Not Worth A Dime That Is Paid To Attend It

SJCI is a shit school that is not worth a dime because, sure, it teaches us things like Math, English, and Science, but they don't teach their students how to behave like HUMAN BEINGS, the most important thing to learn in school is how to be a reasonable, respectable, well mannered, well spoken, human beings and SJCI fails miserably in doing so.  For those students, does anyone remember when current Vice Principal Mr. Williams was promoted to his position from English teacher?  He told all of his students that he would no longer be their 'friend', well that didn't last long.  It is because he behaves like a nonhuman being student, in front of the already nonhuman being students, that they think it is fine to behave the way that they do.  Running around like wild animals in the student commons and blocking people-in in the parking lot just for a laugh, are not characteristics of students who have received a quality education on both classic subjects and on how to behave like human beings.  I believe that the reason for the absolute inability of St. Joe's students to behave as though they have not been raised by chimps is the promotion of Mr. Williams and others like him.  The focus cannot be wholly on educating the students in the important subjects like Mathematics, Sciences, and Computer Sciences and the noticeably less important English, History, and Visual/Performing Arts, there must always be a focus on teaching students to be reasonable people, to behave, once again, like human beings.  I hope that you agree with me and will inform Mr. Williams of this fact, because it is he that is to blame for the childishness of the supposedly well behaved St. Joe's students.

Thank you,

Daniel C. Hobbs
SJCI Senior