Ian O'Shay
I started drawing at 13 and i'm 17 now, my friend inspired me to draw, hes been drawing sience 5, I plan to be a Consept Artis for a gaming compony when I grow up any questians or coments my e-mail is above. -Wall Paper has been Added, and some mis. stuff.
E-Mail me at tcreek@mail.com
I made this page for anyone who asked me if they could see my pics, all of these pics are irrigionaly 16x14 but ovously that wouldn't fit, so I made them smaller, excuse them if there too fat or tall, bad jugment. All of these pics were done with pen and Prismicolor colord pencials, no editing has occured from scanner to page except, the occasionaly odd cheado stain that has been errased.I have more pics, but no more room realy..some pics are folded at the botome to fit my binder, sorry.they look better in person too if u click on the pic, most of them are the orrigionals, the BIG ones are all the lines get distorted and pixilated on these.
Here is a link to my Counter-Strike Spray Site