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Often described as a spaz or nutso, here is my not so little kitten, Gustav. I'm not positive about his exact birthday, but I think he was born in mid-August 1999. He was so tiny when I first brought him home, but Gustav has gotten big very quickly!


One of his favorite things to do is sit on his perch and stare out the window. Fortunately, or unfortunately, however you chose to look at it, he has a selfish Mommy who will not permit him to go outside. Too many dangers await him out there and I think he's a happy little critter inside the house where he is safer.


One of my favorite shots. My sweetie and my Explorer. :)


I took this picture, developed the film in the lab at school and printed it myself. Gustav is always a willing model.


Unlike most cats, Gustav does not have a fear of water. He enjoys dripping water faucets, going into the shower and slinking into the bathtub with me. The picture below was taken after he took a little swim.

drowned rat

Thank you for visiting us! Please leave e-mail before you go. Gustav bids you farewell and sweet dreams. :)

Gustav and

Pictures of Gustav and his little sister, Aurora:

Newborn Aurora

Aurora, 4 weeks

Aurora, 6 weeks

Aurora, 12 weeks

October 2001

December 2001